Wrapping Up 2017 With 17 Takeaways

Hi there! It’s been a long while, I tell you… Happy Celebrations! There are a few things I must do before I wrap up this year and topmost on my list is doing this post. So for a while now, I have been busy completing my Bachelor of Technology degree in Applied Geophysics and of course, battling with my Gionee phone. By the way, I’m now a Bachellorette, haha and I got a gift on Christmas morning… Yipee, a Tablet! With such a gift, I’d be glad to serve you better. So, here you go my top 17 remarkables? 1. Desygner

Desygner is an app, a tool for designing basically anything. Very handy and user friendly… I designed most of the graphics used this year with this Wonder app. It is available on playstore.

2. Gionee P5 mini

That phone rocked 2017… How? With it I did a whole lot, so much! I got fresh wallpapers daily, at least 6, whew and I found them useful in giving visuals to a lot of my posts.

3. Notebook pro App

This App is absolutely bae… like you can have several books on a shelf and make a library for your thoughts

4. Common Purpose GLE

This is one program I don’t regret attending. Quick gist: During the online activities that preceded the offline event, I saw profiles of young people like me… Bright minds, smashing works done and I just felt really intimidated. You know I felt being told in my heart “Hey girl, you were selected already. That’s what matters” (my team) 5. Teachers Conference Nigeria

Working with Striving for Greatness Foundation was a beautiful experience that I am grateful for. I took on a new role as a media reporter. I even moderated a panel discussion in three different states, Great God!

6. Hallelujah challenge (June Edition)

There are times I look at the body of Christ and feel so deeply her beauty; this was one of those times. I was privileged to join days after the challenge began and I testify to the Great works of God. The theme was Olowogbogboro, and the venue was everywhere hearts beat for Jesus… Now, that is all shades of lovely.

7. Mila home care

Mila is moving forward, we hit our first year as an SME and were able to take part in SDG6 by promoting sanitation and hygiene with our products and visits to schools. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram @milahomecare

8. Strike Action 2017

School paused for several months… Imagine running a session from January 2016 to December 2017! A really long time if you ask me and what really mattered was, how each student could maximize his time. It always boils down to real time lessons. Intentional living is the best, I must say.

9. Duolingo An App.

Used for learning languages… I got it for French, was not as diligent as I should have been. I resumed recently after a long pause… I can tell you this, it is very correct! And yes, you can learn any language on it.

10. Starlight Album (Bethel Music)

This album is plain awesome, the depth of worship, lyric… Amanda Cook, Melinda Hesler, Francessca Batestelli and lots more all in one pack… check out these songs “Extravagant”, “God, I look to you” and more

11. Pictures

When the year began, I had it in mind to take pictures, I did not do so well. I had a photo session during my birthday and upon request from a big Aunt took one which I love so much. (Below) 12. Words to live by

September 2017, I took on a personal challenge to examine words use on a daily. So easily do we overlook the importance of words. It was later compiled into an eBook.

13. Notebook

Somehow, I decided a while back to give every year an individual Journal. Such that my daily musings, instructions received, goals for the year, month or week are written in the book and tracked. I used one this year for all things and can’t wait to get that of 2018. I think it’s really exciting to see a book and know that it has the most important and intimate details of a year.

14. Covenant Christian Centre’s Ministers conference

Tagged: Raising Ministers of the next generation. I was privileged to be at the two sessions i.e. that of August and September, I consider it a spiritual investment that can’t be ignored and look forward to other gatherings i will be led to in the coming days.

15. Amala

Okay, so I decided to write this awkwardly. This year I ate Amala which is highly unlike me, intact I haven’t taste the delicacy in years. Will I continue in 2018? Let’s see

16. Whatever you do, do not give up

Perhaps the hardest lesson I learnt this year, but it was worth it. And I am taking it into the next year, “Whatever you do girl, do not give up.” Excuses seem easier to give but the one who ii spayed is the I per that plays the tune not the piper who thought of playing the tune.

17. Be Near God, Tomi Psalm 73:28a

In this verse, the psalmist talks of how he has realized that for him, it is God that he is near God. For me it is more of an instruction. Simple yet profound. So simple at times I feel it is easy, so profound I find that I am losing focus at time and I just remind myself, Be near God Tomi.

In these past days I had bothering issues that id almost say to God especially by my actions, “Stay out of it, I got this or “It’s too dirty, you can’t handle it…

But this word as my real anchor, that reminded me of the truth of Psalm 73:28a “But as for me, it is good that I be near God.

It’s really been a long year, I remember thinking sometime on February that whew, the days have been so good. The year can end now. I know, right?

Well, now that 2017 is being wrapped up, I’d like to say thank you to all who have followed this blog and my thoughts.

Thank you for all the feedback, advice, encouragement, corrections, likes, dislikes, comments, shares, mentions. Thank you for believing in me.

I know this is a lot to take in but still, I want to hear you thoughts… About this post and specifically how you are rounding up the year.

I look forward to serve you better in the year 2018.

Can I remind you not to forget this, of the increase of his government and peace, there shall be no end… Alleluia

He Reigns in Majesty, He reigns forever! To a Limitless Year!



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