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Delay (Life Lessons)

​A man and his wife were going on their happy way. All of a sudden wife insists she needs to stops at the market, to pick u a few things. Mr. Husband is super pissed. Of course, every one knows when a woman goes to market to buy a few things, she’d likely return with a polybag and a bagco bag. Well, that is because the market place is her comfort zone.

Uncle husband is fuming. “She knows we should head home o, yet she has chosen to delay me. Why is she so not thoughtful of me? Why is she always bothered about herself alone?”

They arrive home after a silent drive. Wife unpacks and heads to Mr. Husband, “Darling, you can eat some of these fruits while i get dinner ready.” She then walks into the bathroom and changes tooth brush and toiletries.

Husband looks up “Did you just get those?”

“Yes, I did.” She replied. 

“Ehen and what else?” She went on to name “baby diapers, Groceries, beans, dried fish, air freshener…”

Hi there! I have been thinking of what god does with delay. Several times, it seems like an undeserved, unfair and unexplained pause in the life’s journey. It dawned on me how that delay is a time God uses to give you things needed for your journey. Like the illustration of Mr. Husband and Mrs. Wife, he didn’t appreciate the delay yet all that was bought was required by him his family and his home. It was all for him.

“Delay is not denial” we have often heard but can we practically examine what delay is?

So there was this young man who had great dreams. Rumor had it that his dreams were not just unbelievable to the ears of his siblings… his dreams threatened their mediocrity. His dreams made even his father think twice. As the favourite of his father, he was given a classy blazer that matched any color of trousers. Yep. The blazer was that useful. 

Think not that coup is only found in the military for his own brothers planned him one. Some thirteen years later, his dreams were a reality. Though I say this in summary, take note that it took this guy about thirteen to thirty years to reach his dreams. Thirteen years, it seemed of an apparent delay. Dude was around seventeen years when he saw exactly what he was going to become. And at thirty, he became what he saw. 

Wait, i hope you know that in those thirteen years, he wasn’t busy getting his,, PhD or coren etc.? Those thirteen years were years full of pain because this young man started from the pit. Then he worked for one man whose wife had him implicated because he refused to get cozy with her. Dude got imprisoned. Like that was not enough, he became class captain or head boy of prison. Those 13 years could easily pass for 30 grueling years.
You feeling this gist, abi?

Then one day, King had a dream that troubled him. And there was urgent need for interpretation. Wise men were found empty on this one. Then by word of Mouth, King got to know that the one who could help him was stuck in prison. “Bring him out this minute!” these were his orders. 

So, dude was brought, He got the meaning of the dream right. And did some pro bono stuff by giving King specific tips on how to scale the Agricultural sector of the economy for fourteen years. Gbam. King says “Guy, if you know all these, then I’m making you the Project Manager and you get all the benefits attached. 

But Hey! Dude, never went to school! In fact he was in prison for a long while. 

So, where? When? And how did dude get them skills?

Let’s give dude his name… Call him Joseph.

In the time of delay, Joseph picked;


He started from the PIT and sooner than later, he learnt to be discreet. He learnt to adapt to the various situations of life.


While working with his Boss, he was not the most loved child of his father to be pampered but learnt management and administration.


With his boss’ wife, he reached the climax of living out values and not mere talk


Imagine being responsible for the actions of all prisoners (i.e. citizens who are not law abiding) including himself.


His gift became a skill during his time in Prison. It was in prison he started using his abilities to help others.


By this time, he had become an individual driven by hat matters and not vanities.

Now, think of it, if Joseph had become Prime minister at 17.Okay, I don’t even see the possibility.

What about that time he told the other dude who was leaving prison to put in a good word for him. If that had happened sef, Joseph will survive but will not thrive. Abi, who wants to employ an ex-convict?

But see what God did with 13 years. He prepared and equipped him for where he was leading him to!
Friend, as you have read, I can tell that you desire a better life to fulfill your Dreams. There is only one recipe for success. His name is Jesus. 

Ask me about Him, He loves you already!

 © Oluwatomilola Okunrounmu

 Dedicated Students of the Prestigious Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho Oyo State.


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  • Bonne The First

    Amazing, as always. That lesson on being discreet was one of the most powerful lessons. I call it “The Principle of the Shut-Up”. The older I get, the quieter I become. Thank you for this. Joseph is someone whose life closely parallels mine, and I enjoy every opportunity for further study… Thank you

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