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Named After My Name

Named After My Name

(Be a painter). 

Its been yet a time of blessing at the ongoing JTL enlightenment program organised to correct the wrong views of many Christians towards the goodness of God. 
Speaking at the event, the JTLCrew lead said, “How you judge an act goes a long way to tell how you will appreciate it. Many have been immensely blessed by the kinds act of God, but have never judged God faithful but rather they have judged those acts as mere happenings of life. Hear these two events.”

Mummy O! See confusion today. One of my customers Mr Benjamin called me at 6am to come fix his car. I rushed out of bed and got there in anger because he didn’t allow me sleep well.
 What surprised me is that His wife had recently put to bed. So after I was done fixing his car, he took me to his wife in the room saying “Dear, Jamal has fixed our car. I just like his name and 

I’d like us to name our baby after him.”

 “What is the meaning of your name Mr Jamal” his wife asked. 

I replied “It means beauty” 

“Oh lovely name, she said. Ok dear, we will name our boy Jamal.” 

Me, I was just looking at both of them, “like see this confused couple oh. So if I didn’t come to fix your car,  you won’t know the name to give your child. Well sha, thank God.”


Mum, you need to hear this. You just need to hear this, because it is just beyond me. 

Mr Benjamin, One of my customers had called me at 6am this morning to come fix his car. Rising up to this early morning duty, I got to his place on time, though I din’t sleep well, but I was glad to see a new day and a new challenge. 
What hit me as a surprise is this. His wife had just put to bed and the joy of having a new born was evident in the environment. So after I was done. He took me to his wife and the new born baby in the room saying, “Dear, Jamal has fixed our car and I just like  his name. I’d like us to name our child after him.”

 Smiling at me, the wife asked “What  is the meaning of Jamal?.” 

“It means beauty Ma” I replied. 

“OK dear, we will name our boy after him.”  

“Can you see God at work mum. See how God has decided to ensure my name is remembered in generations to come. Indeed, when His said I will cause your name to remembered in many generations, I never understood it, but now am beginning to see God is true to his word. 

Can join me to shout hallelujah.”

What are you seeing of the goodness of God?

Fulfilment or Confusion?

Honour or Troubles?

Be a painter of His goodness not a naive christian. 

God bless you. 

Jesus Take D Lead

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