Words To Live By


Closer than the very air we breath in…

For you are more abundant than the very oxygen that appears to all men.
Those who took her in, in full breath are welcomed with zest into Life eternal.

They know this, they feel this… They are ordered daily in godliness, uprightness and self controlled living. 
What are you waiting for? 

Why are you yet to take in this gust of freshness?
For grace hands one a new slate…

Come then all you who are weak, weary, burdened and tired of the struggles, trying to be accepted for there is a rest for you. The Lord Jesus promises you this today!

Unmerited, the ticket you just have to use…

No fee required for Christ Jesus paid it all
By Grace, 

We dare attempt to reciprocate a love poured freely upon us… And so, a realization dawns on us that though impossible, to ever repay a debt as bounteous as this, we’d pour out our lives as fragrant oil from jars of clay at His Feet.



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