Words To Live By


Man is moved by sight. 

Man moves by sight 

Is man a puppet?  

Since what propels his every action or inaction  is his accurate  estimation  of what he sees or doesn’t see. 
So is man moved by sight? 
Does his heart stir in jubilation  as he is enlightened about the numerous possibilities  that abound  within  and without  his potentials? 
Or Do you think he sees these things… Retreats in fear, shrugs in disbelief, critical of the mere thought  of such vivid visions… 
Either way, Man moves by sight… May or may not be in the right direction with respect to worthy of note is that man moves by what he sees. And what he sees is not necessarily  of the physical.  
Man may be elated by the sight he sees…  Doesn’t mean man will move by sight. 
(Humor me,  tonight is for amateur philosophy) 
Maybe man is a puppet of his own will  not even his Sight.


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