Words To Live By


Pain is rather an inevitable part of life’s processes…
What we do with pain is more important than what caused the pain (selah).
Though there may be justifiable reasons or not as to why there is a pain in the first place… But many are have turned sadly in to the uncomforting arms of alcohol, sexual-obsession and her numerous siblings, food addiction, drug abuse or worse still a life of denial. 
Really, it is important to feel your pain but  not to hold on to it that it becomes a living.

 To feel here is to not deny that indeed there is a pain, which is actually the effect of a cause. At several instances, we find that people  try to deal with an effect without cutting off the cause. 
Notice the trend for instance in a girl who sleeps around with men (esp those old enough to be her Father) many times, it steps from the fact that she lacked the love of her Father. Or a young man succumbs to drug abuse to feel high, you’d find he has probably given up on seeking the approval of his parents/relatives most likely. 
Here is the point, to shout at this persons to quit may work alright, but it is just a matter of time before you see another effect. (A symptom that the cause is hale and hearty). 
To feel your pain is to admit how you feel about your situation.

To desire the best for yourself and works towards a healthy life.

To get rid of bitterness.

To cry if you need to but move on soon enough.

To seek help of family, friends or even professionals.
To run to Jesus Christ, he knows exactly how you feel. And is your Way out!
(P.S. so sorry for Late posting… Had an incredibly long day…)

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