Words To Live By


What our feet would do without shoes is sort of unknown to man!
Most interestingly, there is a type of footwear available for any scenario… Loafers, heels, dollies, sandals, sneakers, slippers etc.
Shoes are so important, I don’t know what to say… May our feet be kept away from danger and be planted in the right direction in Jesus name.



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  • Olaide Jamal

    You know, from the picture. Our shoes most times play the tune for our actions.
    There is a shoe you wear, you feel like jumping down four storey buildings believing not in Angels, but in firm grip when you land.
    There is also a shoe you wear, that when you hear a gunshot, you know its better you hide than to run. Cos the shoe will slow you down.

    Many have gotten great Jobs cos their interviewer just like thier shoe.

    Shoes have a huge role to play with us as human.
    I like good shoes…Smiles and good shoes like me.

    May God give us great shoes that leads us in His direction in Jesus name.

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