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“So Tomi, have you discovered your purpose?” Yet another (well meaning) person would ask this question. 

I’d cringe internally without any answers, no perfect one liner, no complicated speech on how I’ve been sent to save the world. 

This was about five years ago.

So, one day I got frustrated and typed a search query on Google “How do I discover my purpose?” (Not sure if these were my exact words).  Trust na, I got  answers.

Most surprising/shocking for me was an Article… Okay so this writer says (I paraphrased) “To discover your purpose is not hard at all… Get a piece of paper. When you think of  the reason for your very existence, write out the first random thing that comes to your mind. Repeat this process, till you get to one that makes you cry. And that, my dear one is your purpose.” 

E.g. so I pick up a paper and first thought about my purpose is that I’m to be a Soldier, next thought is to Care for the Orphans then maybe the third is to Clean the environment by cutting off  water. Now assume I cry at this stage, that means that is my Purpose.

This method to me was just plain freaky. It leaves a lot to chance and assumption. 

And assumption really is not usually accurate.  A lot of the times, it is easy to assume the very reason of one’s existence based on talents, abilities, personalities, experiences or even relationships. Even though these things are tools, means by which purpose is fulfilled , they don’t give the final say.
What worked for me? First, I didn’t fall for this method I explained above. Second I didn’t give in to assumption.

I ran to my Father God and asked him to tell me why he has placed me here on earth, what he’d have me do with all the gifts, ability, experiences, personality and even experiences that he gave me. 

And yes, He did answer. 

You should ask him too, and here is why “Only the manufacturer is in the best position to tell you the intent of his heart over his product”.

Happy Sunday, Friends.

God bless you.

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