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Is Slay Mama From Zion?

Is Slay Mama From Zion?
“God forbid it! our daughters do not slay”, was  the response of Prophet Isaiah earlier today to the JTL team who interacted with him on the misuse of social media by many Christians, which he spoke about last week. 
The crew asked, so as to clarify the misconception of several that “you can be a christian and yet slay” Speaking to explain what is obtainable in Zion, the city of God, the Prophet said, In the begining it was not so, but the thin line has been crossed by many of my daughters, thereby reproaching ME.
You call yourself my daughter, but you are not, rather you are a slayer, slaying men into ungodly acts and ungodly thoughts.
Your picture uploads are for self glory, always slaying men into masturbation by your free cleavage display on Instagram and Facebook.
Your online page is a flirting zone, with several men and boys chatting  to register their interest in you, throwing you kisses and hugs, all because you are semiclad in what you call picture upload.
No wonder many of their hearts is triggered at sex towards you, making then speak the unspeakable on your page.
No wonder, lust is deeply sitted like a barber’s chair in their hearts all because you slay indeed.
With your seductive dressing and picture pose, you have stabbed many hearts into fornication and adultery, yet you say you are of ME.
Hear me, o thou backsliding daughter.

You cannot be from zion and be a slay Mama.

You are either never part of us or have never known my ways.
Repent, the sin of the many you have slain stands  against you.

May the Lord help you.

Jesus Take D Lead.

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