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Online with Men, Offline with God

ONLINE with Men, OFFLINE with God.
JTLCrew today, met with the great Prophet Isaiah, who spoke last week on the misuse of social media. The aim of meeting was that he may share further, the mind of God concerning the misuse of Social Media platforms by many Christians.
The man of God Isaiah shared the rebuke of the Father from his  Scripture Journal  section 37 subsection 24a. He read out to JTLCrew “Thou has reproached me by thy messengers…” and began to explain
Many ‘christians’ have made it online,

but they are not Inline with God.
Online they are popular, mixing with  secular…

but Inline they are not scriptural in their living.
Online they are known by men…

But inline, they are not known by God.
Online they are pastors…

But Inline they attend no church, neither are they God’s church themselves.
Online they are Christians…

But Inline, deny the Lord; Living off  the line of righteousness and sound Christan living.
Online they follow men and men follow them…

But inline they do not follow ME.
They live big online, snapping with cars and houses they never owned…

Yet inline they are squating, trekking every distance they claim to drive through.
Always in the chat room with men,

But never an hour in the room of intercession with Jesus
They are active members of  online forum with men.

But never active in the kingdom expansion forums.
Always retweeting sermons upon sermons, quotes upon quote…

But never retreating to download fresh words from ME
They call me Father online…

But inline they are Woswobi children, doing things abominable in zion.
Indeed thou has reproached me by thy messengers.

Repent today!

For no OFFLINE Son/Daughter will rapture with me upon my return.

Remain truly in me and you won’t be cut off 

(John 15: 6)

God bless you.

Jesus Take the lead.

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