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As long as we live, we would always have to talk… 
Conversations are pretty cool (depends on the individual parameters).
When conversations lack direction and depth, the relationship soon melts away. (Could be a good thing or bad thing depending on the relationship and yes, there are solutions to better conversations).
Few things to note:
1. Let your conversations be seasoned with salt. 
2. Be careful the slangs you take on.
3. Don’t waste people’s time by being self-absorbed
4.People talk to you when they know they have a chance at being heard.
5. The best of conversations are often when ideas are discussed.
6. There are those ones you probably will never finish a conversation with in one, two or three sittings… (Treasure them)
7. When its all said and done, our words mirror our thoughts. 
Feel free to share your thoughts on Conversations. 


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