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Who Will Eat the Chicken of a Witch?

Once in a while in prison, we have unexpected celebrations. Thats the only time you see the kitchen warders sharing packages of packed foods to prisoners and this only happens, when a generous celebrant from town  has sent in food to the prisoners.
 But this faithful day, I was caught unaware as I woke up late, having prayed all night and God had said He will show me the hatred of three years I was nursing.
Awaking to the aroma, from my portion of the jollof rice with peppered chicken which Jeff my friend had kept for me.  smiling as i saw it, I could not resist eating at first sight, and  without brushing my teeth I pounced on it and began eating. 
After eating about four spoons of rice,with the chicken in my hands ready to be devoured, I asked. “Hey Jeff, So who is this angel God had sent to bless us with this food?”
Jeff laughed. He said, “It’s your wife’s birthday” Mrs Portiphar is marking her 40th birthday today.”
 Kai, my face turned red instantly, as I was literally fuming. I was mad at Jeff for giving me poison. I just hated hearing that name Mrs Portiphar.
 Jeff laughed out when he saw my expression. “You better enjoy your chicken.”
“Who will eat the chicken of a witch? Take your nonsense food” I said, as  I packed the remaining food and handed it over to Jeff. Slept back in anger and covered myself with blanket not ready to talk anymore to Jeff.
Moving closer to my bed, Jeff said, “Joseph, why do you hate this woman so much? Its been three years since you saw her last and you still hate her this much. “I fear you O!”
 Then I heard God say “Even me, I fear you.”
I felt like hot water was poured on me. Oh Lord, what a matter you have raised! I immediately came down from my bed, knelt down and begged God to help my heart. Jeff seeing me in repentance, left the remaining rice near my bible as I prayed.

Smiles, shebi I have repented, so I joyfully ate the  chicken of the witch. 

Oh sorry, the chicken of the celebrant and glad i dint miss it for anything.

Indeed its time to rise out of unforgiveness, malice and strife. 

Your fulfillment in life must not be delayed by Hatred.

Repent today.

God bless you.

Jesus take D Lead

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