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You Are Nursing Hatred!

You are nursing

HATRED in your heart.


Just after Pastor Nath left. I sat alone troubled as several questions raced through my heart. 

“Why is God awakening me to a nine years old promise? Why did the prophecy come to me that early at age seventeen, if after nine years, it has to be awakened again to see fulfillment? and If God has decided to awaken  this promise as Pastor Nath has said, what am I to do to see it’s manifestation?
“What o Lord ?” I asked  as I began to search my bible for instructions. Fortunately, I got to the first verse of the seventh chapter of Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians and saw … 
“Since we have these promises, dear friends, let’s cleanse ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit by becoming mature in our holy fear of God”.
I was glad that God had spoken His prerequisite for divine fulfillment to me and was about praying when I was called and instructed to lead my fellow prisoners to go clear the King’s farm and harvest  ripe tubers of  cassava. Seeing duty was calling, I resolved to pray later in the night.
So I woke up at midnight and began praying to God about the matter he had raised earlier. 
“Lord, help me to clean myself from all that can contaminates my spirit. Father, help me to be mature in fearing you and to be perfect O Lord. After praying for about an hour and was about to sleep.
God said *”But you are nursing hatred in your heart for the past three years. Don’t you know HATRED cripples your faith. For faith works by love?”*
Shocked. I sat up saying, “Me hate?  

Hatred for who lord?”
Then God said ” Yes, you. And I will show you, so you can make amends.”
“Please show me” amused I asked. 
Hmm, Friends.

It is God that searches the deep thoughts and intents of our heart.

Can you also pray.
That, Father search me and show me where I need to make amends so I can be fit for the fulfilment of divine promises.
May He answer you in Jesus name.

Jesus Take D lead.

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