Scent of Water

This picture of #ScentOfWater came out beautiful.
The letters, perfect by my own parameters. Everything in place. 
Life is like this at times…  Beautiful, vibrant and without any form of unforseen contingencies… As when all forces are working together towards the achievement of one’s purpose.
 Everything moves flawlessly just as intended. 

Everything suddenly came to a halt. 
Like this crushed paper, it felt as though life was crushed out of you. 
Your hopes were dashed…

Your expectations were met with  disappointment.
You decided to forfeit the dreams… “They are just dreams anyway!” You said countless times to console yourself.
Perhaps, you felt used and left for the trash.

Your essence was no more… 
Bitter you said in defeat “It’s all over”
“Wait a moment”, I say
“Don’t throw away that dream, don’t discard you just yet. 

I know how it feels, I tell you. To feel entirely out of grasp of what you hold dear.”
Look, I opened the crumbled, left-for-trash paper.
It looked even much worse. It had been rubbed in the sand. Was moist from tears I presumed.
What struck me, was what I saw.
I saw the #scentofwater !
It didn’t look good, I know.

It didn’t feel good either.
But what I saw, I couldn’t deny… That was a scent of water.
As long as you don’t throw it all away, 

If you’d take a deep breath and reopen your case as I did the paper… You’d find that scent…
Ever wondered why the irony call the scent of water?
Its a glimmer of hope… It’s that little yet so significant.
Like when a coal has embers. You are assured that all will catch the fire.
A once upon a time rich man said, at the scent of water, its possible for a tree that has been cut down with old roots to bud. (Job 14: 10 paraphrased).
It’s my prayer that you find your scent of water today in Jesus name.


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Thank You! 


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