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Prophecy: And many shall bow to you!


(And many shall bow to you)

“Brother Joseph, please wait behind to see me.”

Those were Pastor Nath’s words to me just after  we concluded the monthly prison fellowship which he anchored.

Pastor Nath, was remarkably a true man of God. He had given over  30years of his life to Prison ministry; reaching out to the various kinds of men and women like me in prisons. His mission had always been to not leave them hopeless but to take to them the message of hope; eternal freedom from sin and pain procured for them by Christ Jesus.

It has been two years now since I first met him. While yet a prisoner, he had become my friend and spiritual father in the things of the kingdom

“Why does Pastor Nath want to see me again”, I wondered. As I felt we had used ample time already in prayer and bible study at the just concluded monthly prison fellowship.

So I stood there, leaning against the old walls of the prison hall as I looked forward to what he had to say. 

 About twenty five minutes later, after he was done counselling and restoring hope to individual prisoners who met with him, he walked over to my side. “Thank you Brother Joseph for your patience”. He smiled

“Haa Daddy,” I said smiling sheepishly. 

“You see, while we prayed, the Lord spoke a word into my heart. It was so audible I knew it was about you.” He looked me straight in the eye and continued “I heard ‘Son, Joseph shall become great and many shall bow to him.’ And even as I speak, I percieve this is not the first time you are hearing this, Am I right?” he asked.

Suddenly like a flash, I remembered the dreams God gave me when I was 17yrs, so I told him about them in summary.

 Then he said, “I perceive God is awakening old promises He has made to you.”

“Hmmm, thank you sir”, I said as I escorted him to the reception.


*I don’t know whatever long tarrying promise God has made to you.*

*I decree, it is awakened now in Jesus name.*

You shall soon rejoice.

God bless you.
Jesus Take D Lead.

P.S: JTL Weekly is a meditative piece delivered Saturday evenings by Jesus Take D Lead Team.

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