Nail Convos (#ForTheLoveOfNails)

I like my nails long and neat. In fact, I believed that their being shapely is a gift from God but I have a weakness… 
Whenever I am privileged to carry a book to read, write or when I am in thoughts my fingers find their way to my toes and begin to break them nails.
Its almost an unconscious action.
Other times it comes in handy, if I’m in a meeting (bored) and I’m feeling sleepy I begin to peel off my finger nails (yes, they are soft!)

Now, where is all these headed? 
So early this month, while reading one morning I peeled off a portion of my finger nail and continued reading. Moments later an ant picked the nail.
You know what I did? I took the nail…the ant moved away. So I dropped it again, the ant I noticed the nail was back and made its way back to it.
So I began thinking; if the ant gets away with this piece of nail, it will eat it up with its family members right?
But all along, this nail has been on my body?
Why are the ants not eating them off me? 
And then I realised they can only eat the dead nail… as long as it is attached to me, it is a living nail {no matter how small}!

I realise it’s ants and worms that finish up the corpse  (dead body), right? What changed…?
This are a few thoughts I was able to draw from this ‘event’:
1. In Christ Jesus, we are protected from the attacks of the enemy. Because in him, you are alive… Outside of him, you are prone to the attacks of the enemy. 
2. The one prone to the attack of the enemy is not free from his stealing, killing and destroying enterprise. 
3. Jesus is here with yet more room… That you may have life, life in abundance.
It boils down to this, Have you got Jesus?
Don’t be that Nail…

The Ant Awaits!


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