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Seeing Into My Father’s Heart

There was this one time I was visiting Lagos from Ogbomosho. My phone’s battery was faulty, and I left very late. So I called my dad around 7pm or so when I was on Long Bridge (close to Berger) and said I’m fine, and will get home soon. But I think I got caught up in hold up.
As I walked towards my street past 8pm to 9, I saw my dad about driving out of the street. I approached, when he saw me there was such relief on him. So I asked where he was going to, he said he was going to look for me since he had tried calling and my phone was off. 
In that moment, I knew love… 

As though, I saw into the Father’s heart… Exactly how he felt as he awaited the prodigal son.

Exactly how he feels, as he awaits the arrival of his prodigal sons.
Even without knowing exactly where I was, he was taking off in his car in search of me!

Even without knowing when then the son will be back, the Father stood in wait for his son…
And so as we celebrate another Father’s day, here is a reminder to all that there is a Father, a heavenly Father who is eagerly waiting for you. 

With such urgency, he paid the price that you may return home…

The love in his heart towards you drove him towards immeasurable heights…

He waits for you to turn towards his direction.
You too can experience the Father’s love by receiving Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Today!
Happy Father’s Day!


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