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Fathers and Daughters

Fathers & Daughters…

Everytime the story of Amnon and Tamar is read from 2Samuel 13… a thought comes to mind about how her father {king David} permitted her to go to her brother’s place. 

Now, everyone must realise that fathers must see farther. It is not a choice, it is a responsibility. Fathers must take their children further. Once more, not a choice but a responsibility.
A quick question: What kind of a father are you becoming?
With two illustrations, hopefully a picture of what fathering will be painted. One morning during a quick journey I sat in the Estate shuttle. I observed that on my right side a tall, ebony man was in his sport attire jogging, as he jogged he shook his body to my delight I saw that two children right behind him were doing exactly the same demonstrations as their father.
It is rather unwise to assume that your children are not learning from you. You as a father must  are an intentional model to your children. In thoughts, deed, speech, purity, living and loving.
As I turned to the other side of the road, I saw a little girl riding a bicycle she rode pretty well but guess what, her father was right behind her on his own bicycle. This story is also spectacular because, I saw her father performing an  oversight function over his daughter. He sees ahead of her and caution her against any harm while guiding.
(PS. This post applies to both sons and daughters as well as fathers and mothers)
Dear brother, what kind of father are you becoming?

Dear sister, what are you on the look out for?
Behold sons are a heritage from the Lord, Children are a reward. (Psalm 127:3)

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