Oblivion 25

Oblivion 25
“Even if I am responsible, I am not interested in being a Father. Not now” Mikhail remembered her scenario with Dotun. Upon seeing her, he was open and accommodating even expecting her to continue from where they stopped. Till she broke the news of her pregnancy. In that instant his countenance changed to cold “Get rid of that thing. Don’t let it tie you down. See, you have your life ahead of you. You do realize, it’s not a child yet? It’s just mess. I am not interested in being a father.”
She had left with more tears than she came with. Of cores she knew abortion was not an option. She was not even considering it. It would mean killing an innocent baby, but facing her parents seemed even harder than an abortion in itself.
“No child of mine will birth a bastard! And don’t even think of getting an abortion else I will disown you.” Olabiyi said in a breadth “And there is the irresponsible boy that put you in the family way. “Kofo, can you imagine. Get out of my house and don’t come back without the father!”
“Please, don’t do this. Where will she go?” Kofo cried.
“That is her business. I repeat no child of mine will birth a bastard” Kofo held the trousers of her husband. “Get the father and come for your nuptial blessings”

Mrs Bankole knocked at the door adjacent her study room. “Mikhail, you need to eat something.” It was almost two weeks that Mikhail Adeola Martins had been with her as arranged by her mother Kofo. The girl spent her days crying and her nights crying even more. “Open the door, your brother is around.”
As though that was the password, the door flew open. Mark stepped in “Miks, my baby” he hugged her. She shook violently in tears “I am so sorry I disappointed you all”
“Shhh… don’t cry. It is all working for good” he pulled back to kiss her forehead. “Jamal’s mum complains that you haven’t been eating well”
She remained silent. She had become more open to him in the past weeks, she regretted not informing him about her emotions from the beginning.
“Even if you plan to cry, you need to eat a lot so there will be tears”
“Seriously!” Mikhail pinched her brother and giggled at the same time.
“Mum sent some fruits to you. We have been praying God will soften dad’s heart. Jamal should be around soon for his attachment session, so I guess you will have company here.”
“Right” moments were never dull with Mark.

Jamal watched Mikhail as she silently considered which pawn to move on the chessboard. You just had to like her spirit. One thing he was sure of was that she would be a protective mother. She was fast becoming one of his favourite people in the world.
“Quit staring and play” Mikhail’s eyes danced.
“I am waiting for you”
“Hehehe, look at the board mister, CHECKMATE!”
Jamal groaned. “That’s not fair na.”
“That’s what happens when you get carried away, the opponent wins.”
“Right. Why do I get the feeling you are not talking about Chess.” Jamal looked at her
“You feel too much jor, don’t take my words too seriously. You get carried away too easily!” Mikhail pouted.
“Na, I am right here. Tell me Miks, you reconciled with God already, right?”
She nodded
“How do you feel about him in this situation, when he seems silent?”
“Oh, he is not.” Her eyes lit up
“Yes, how do I feel about him? I feel smitten. He is real to me at this time. He is closer. You know just yesterday, I came to terms with the pregnancy being a consequence of my wrong actions. Doesn’t mean, we i.e. the baby and I are less loved. He perfects all that concerns me. I am sure of that. And then there is our friendship. When you go to work or your mom is out. And I begin to feel depressed. I chat him up and we talk far and wide”
“Wow, you can make one jealous” Jamal smiled. He had a thousand and more questions for God. How could she be pregnant? Why was I oblivious to all these? Why were my prayers not answered? Why would she find comfort with my mum and me at this time? Is it significant that I am around this period? How do you plan to step into the situation with her dad?
“Tell me about Tarmar mission. Mark says I should follow you whenever I feel up to it”
“Mikhail, it’s time for your evening stroll. i will tell you as we go, we can pick up some red velvet at supermarket”
She rolled her eyes “The same cakes that got me into trouble”
Jamal laughed. He knew the story too well.
“Good evening Doctor” Mrs. Bankole sat adjacent Olabiyi and his wife.
“Yes dear, how are you doing?”
“I am fine. It’s been a while I heard from you. Doctor, ese mi o. usually, our people will say, ika to ba se, won ma ge kuro. That is cut off the finger that erred, but what happens when it is your own finger?”
“Your daughter Mikhail has been with me almost a month now. And I am not I tired of her presence at all. Why are we parents if our children can’t be children? Children will always err but it is our license to push them over the ledge. I ask you to mercifully consider this story. My late husband Tayo was not Jamal’s biological father. “
Kofo sniffed
“Please do not let it surprise you. You wouldn’t know since we have only been family friends for about thirteen years. Tayo and I have two children but Jamal is not his biologically. My story and Mikhail’s are so similar I find her in my shoes. My father was disappointed but didn’t allow me marry the man even though his family and not him were ready to take responsibility.”
“My point is the Biyi and Kofo, don’t force your daughter to get, married. For the sake of your sanity and her wellbeing. Marriage shouldn’t be her punishment, especially when she and the boy don’t share the same beliefs.”
“Please I beseech you, Forgive Mikhail, she has a bright future and needs you both in her life. At the right time, she will find her own husband. Who will love her and the child. You are pushing her away and it is a recipe for disaster.”
“Thank you for your concern, dear and your wisdom. May you receive kindness in Jesus name. It’s funny how history finds a way to repeat herself. Thank you. We will see her soon”
Thank you Jesus. Kofo smiled.

“I’m a pregnant” Mikhail said with resolve to do right by her child. “Everything in life is dependent on the choices we make…”
Jamal smiled as he listened to the young woman speaking. Even Vivian loved her already. She followed them to Tarmar Mission and had been called upon to speak on choices. At Six months, the baby bump was evident. He often teased her that she was carrying twins.
Maybe one day, He would understand all or maybe not. He thought. He chose to live in the understanding that God knew exactly what he was doing.


Thank you for being a part of this journey.
love you much.
All the glory to Jesus.


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