Oblivion (fiction)

Oblivion 24

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Oblivion 24
Mikhail’s heart raced as she contemplated whether to stay or to leave the Surge; in order to avoid any contact with Soji. She heard his voice in the background talking about Surge, his dreams of using music to affect lives. He brought out his guitar and played some tunes. Mikhail found herself relaxing into the soothing arms of the music.
The programme came to a climax when Kenny K’ore got on stage.  Mikhail used her palm to dry her eyes as she listened to him sing Yanibo he paused to talk about the futility of running one’s life against the plan of God.  Anyone who knew her story would have thought K’ore was talking about her; she had strayed from her shelter. When did I become so blind and foolish? Mikhail asked herself. K’ore then called out people who wanted to be saved. People trouped out in numbers, Mikhail remained at her seat and made amends.
She made her way to the exit as the programme ended.  “Excuse me, miss” an usher walked up to her and handed her a piece of paper.

“Do you mind sitting a while to talk?” Soji pointed at the patio adjacent the centre’s entrance.
“I don’t mind.”
“Alright, let me get my blazer. I will meet you at there in Five.”
Soji sat by Mikhail side
“I am glad you made it to Surge”
“Yeah, I am glad I didn’t leave.”
“I don’t remember sending you the invite I promised” Soji cautiously said
“No you dint, I stumbled upon the poster at my department.”
“Oh really?”
Mikhail nodded
“That’s so nice.” He paused “I thought Dotun had mentioned the programme to you.” Soji noticed her face fell at the mention of his roommate.
“No he didn’t”
“Why would you have left?”
“Honestly, if I had known from the poster that you were the host, I wouldn’t have bothered attending at all. I have no problem with you.” She rushed her sentences. “I am just trying to avoid encounters with Dotun and anyone related to him.”
“Ok.” Soji idn’t want to press for more information but he knew something was up.
“Soji, there is something I’d like you to know. When K’ore was talking, I rededicated my life back to Jesus.”
“That’s beautiful dear!”
“If the note the usher gave me hadn’t been you asking me to wait to see you. I didn’t want you to see me, I dint know you saw me.”
“Mikhail, its no problem.”
“You see, my relationship with your friend Dotun was a curiosity gone bad. You know I was brought up right, in the Knowledge of the Lord. But I happened to get carried away by my romantic fantasies acquired from the materials I read.” She drew a long shaky breadth. “I slept with Dotun and I broke up with him”
“Stop crying, Mikhail.” Soji was grateful for the privacy of the space they sat. “Our Father is merciful, you are welcome to the family, Mikhail. ”
“Mikhail is pregnant” Dr. Jimmy said
“Dr. that’s not possible. She is not even in a relationship.” Olabiyi faced his wife as though to confirm his words “She has been home since Thursday for the Easter holidays, and no signs of Morning sickness.” Kofo nodded by his side.
“Dr. Martins, I am sorry to announce this news to you. This is the second confirmatory test, your daughter is about eight weeks pregnant. Morning sickness tends to vary in women. She will most likely begin to experience it soon. She is awake now but I’d advise you don’t speak to her about it yet” Dr. Jimmy walked away
Kofo jumped on her feet “This girl has killed me”
“Woman, gather yourself together” Olabiyi sternly responded to his wife’s hysteria
He walked into the room. “Sweetie, how are you?”
“I feel ok, what happened Dad?” Mikhail tried to sit up, “Where is mom?”
“One at a time. You fainted while you were working with your mom in the kitchen.so we rushed you to the hospital. You are fine now”
“Ok sir”
“The Doctor has discharged you. So we can leave today.”
“What of mum?”
“She will join us shortly.”
Jamal sang in humble adoration to Jesus as his heart leaped for joy. For the first time since his heart was burdened for Mikhail, he was at peace. He didn’t understand the peace but he felt settled. As he sang, he talked to Jesus. You are yet to tell me what’s up with Mikhail; it even beats me that you wouldn’t allow me to call her to ask her if she is alright.  Jamal laughed, Holy Lord, I can just imagine you with that look on your face, smiling at my curiosity.

“Was she raped? Or did she intentionally sleep with a guy?” Olabiyi pondered as he drove home. He glanced at Kofo, her eyes were red. He felt like taking her hands and saying everything will be alright. “You don’t have time for that, why the tears. Your daughter is pregnant and your reputation is at risk” he heard a voice in his head say he shook his head. He took her hand in his and squeezed it.
“Oga welcome” Olabiyi strolled into the house without acknowledging Rufus’ greeting. He sat in the sitting room. Kofo came in with Mikhail. As she made her way into her room, he called her.
“Mikhail, sit down” Mikhail sat obediently. “Mikhail, the doctor’s reports came in and we were not satisfied with the result”
She nodded.
“We asked the doctor to rerun the test and the results came in the same. Mikhail, you are pregnant!”
She opened her mouth and closed it back.
“We argued with the doctor. That it was not possible as you are not even in a relationship.” Kofo stood up. “Mikhail, explain all these confusion to your mother and me”
Mikhail was in a daze. She remained quiet. She heard her mother sobbing.
“It all stated at daddy’s birthday, I met Dotun…” she recounted history of her meeting with Dotun, the relationship and their break up. When she finished her dad talked
“To say I am disappointed in you doesn’t cut it at all” he stood up, “Go and inform the father. If you are big enough to do what married people do, then perhaps it’s time you got married” Olabiyi walked out of the sitting room.
“Ahh” Kofo cried. “O ti pa mi o”



  • Alayande Olaide

    Personally as a Family Friend, I feel so sad and an Speechless.

    I don’t know what to say.

    I mean, the deal was done long ago thou.

    But this consequence showing up now is weighty to handle.

    Biyi, urself and Kofo Ese Pele Pele.
    Yoruba wipe agbalagba ko ki n se langbalangba

    Besi si ni Okun oun waruru kawa ruru.

    Just approach this shameful issue with wisdom

    I don’t know what to say. Its just shameful.

  • Fatile Ayodeji

    I wonder where this oblivion didnt touch in our everyday life. Students in school have something to take home from it, Parents as well are sensitized in what way or the Other, great lessons to learn here.

    Thanks for filling our knowledge tank. Big Kudos Modesola.

  • Fatile Ayodeji

    I wonder where this oblivion didnt touch in our everyday life. Students in school have something to take home from it, Parents as well are sensitized in one way or the Other, great lessons to learn here.

    Thanks for filling our knowledge tank. Big Kudos Modesola.

  • Heph

    I love this turn of events. I look forward to what next. I wish she didn’t swallow the calabash but this makes the story real to me. Time to intensify the love play Martins.

    But this Modesola babe ehn?

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