Oblivion (fiction)

Oblivion 23

Oblivion 23
Mikhail ate eagerly from her plate forgetting her momentarily forgetting her troubles. She was determined to put on an unsuspicious act towards her dad.
“So Dad!” she looked up “Did you just feel like throwing your baby a surprise visit?”
Dr. Martins, Mikhail’s dad exploded into a throaty laughter, “well, I decided to give you a surprise visit after my appointment with your School Librarian.
“Oh that’s cool” she made a bored face but was relieved to know she was not the main reason for presence in her school.
“Miklhi, you seem pretty hungry. Should we order for another round?”
“Are you sure? Or you are still trying to lose weight?” Mikhail rolled her eyes at her dad.
“Dad, I stopped that since like forever” she chuckled “if you insist, we can get take away for me.”
Her dad looked at her amused “My Baby has so grown”
“Hahaha, by the way who turns down a free food offer from her father?” her dad chuckled as he chuckled
“How was your meeting with the Librarian?”
“Splendid, my dear! I was invited to speak with the Graduating class at their Graduate party.”
“Ehen, is it as an alumnus or as the adviser to the Governor?”
“Hahaha Mikhail, as myself. I was wondering, do you think I should give my book Relegation to Elevation out for free or I should subsidize the price?”
Mikhail moved her chair forward and looked her dad straight “Daddy, people tend to value what they paid for more”
“Ok” her dad smiled as he listened to them.
“Offer it at a subsidized price, anyone who wants it will get it.”
“Ok princess. Tell me, how is your ex-boyfriend” Mikhail blinked at his directness. Her mom must have told her dad she promised to break up. If only they knew.
“I asked about your ex-boyfriend”
“He should be fine”
“Your mom told me everything. Or are you still on?”
“No sir, not at all. I am over with it.”

Two Weeks Later
Soji helped himself to another serving of the spicy beans porridge. “Don’t finished the food o” Dotun Adesanjo his roommate and friend said
“Guy what’s up na?” Soji asked
“That what?” Dotun sneered
“I have not seen you with Mikhail in a while?”
Dotun ignored him and went on writing, Soji knew instantly that something was wrong. “Is she alright? Can I have her number?”
“Why are you asking me all these questions now? I am busy!”
“She is your girlfriend!” Soji snapped
“Was” Dotun faced the wall as he made the quotation sign in the air. “We are over”
“I don’t get, how is that possible?”
“You were right, you know. I got distracted, I need to focus on building my company.” Dotun turned towards Soji and made a face. “Why do you need her number?”
“Wait, what are you saying? Wasn’t it the same you that was singing her praises some months ago.” Soji stood up and moved towards Dotun “Are you sure you didn’t hurt that girl in anyway?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dotun’s voice rose a notch. “For your information, she called off the blunder of a relationship. And hasn’t accepted my calls or replied my messages.”
“I see” Soji said.
Dotun glared.

“Here is my submission, if the labour of our leaders past shall not be in vain” Prof. Marayesa sighed “Look up every one, stop writing. You children write everything and retain nothing.” Mikhail couldn’t help but smile at the frame of her Economics Lecturer. The graying pillow of hair sat comfortably on his head. Rumor had it that he was to retire before the end of the next session.
“Then you, my young ones must note that you allegiance is not to the past heroes. You owe it to yourself to be all you were made to be; discover yourself and be loyal to God. Let me give you a clue. Genesis 1:26, you are made to have dominion. To be in charge. In the beginning it was never about political parties or selfish interest. If everyone will step up to his plate, you can imagine a whole world of difference.”
The class was quiet, to receive the Old man’s nuggets of wisdom.
“Strive to leave a place better than you met it, if not better, never worse. Think about this and act on it. That will be all for today, my visiting hours remain 2-4pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.”
The class erupted in hooting, applause as the class governor walked alongside the Professor out of the lecture room. Mikhail made her way out of the room with her strap bag at her side. Across the departmental hall was a crowd facing the notice board. Her thoughts went to Dotun, she could not remember how many times she had convinced herself, stilled herself and disciplined herself from reaching out to him. Gradually she had noticed his calls reduce but daily messages reminding her of how much he loved and wanted her. She had stumbled upon him at the library Monday afternoon, he asked for time to talk but she had turned him down and pleaded that he should forget about her.
The bright poster on the noticeboard was obviously what caught the attention of the students. She smiled as she read it. The program was tagged Surge; Strictly Strings at MUSON Centre. Mikhail scanned the board for other information and made her way to the Library.

“Just hand me my guitar and I’d play you a tune
Me and all my friends
Just give six strings and I’d know just what to do
Note by note by line, one song at a time”

Mikhail sang Jamie Grace’s One Song at A Time as she painted her toe nails. She planned to attend Surge; strictly strings. Every girl loved an excuse to dress up. She thought, but a heartxplosion was when a girl had to dress up for a concert.
She made her way into the hall, and settled on her seat. After the opening panorama, the host was invited to talk about Surge. She watched the spotlights hit the frame of a young man in plaids and purple suspenders, to her greatest shock it was Soji!

To be continued soon.


  • Hephzibah

    Hmmmmn…… It’s getting even more interesting. You have managed to keep the interest Lutomi. You make sense.
    I feel so sorry for Dotun. He is walking with his eyes closed. Happy for Mcky right now. I believe it can only get better. Wats interest is Soji bringing into the picture?
    Fingers crossed….

  • Alayande Olaide


    I still ask myself,Was Biyi weak as a Father?
    Was he?

    Was he late at actions on issues that could damage his children future?

    was he?
    Was it Miks that just lack self-control and allowed the devil devour her.

    Questions rise when things are wrong.

    Even right answer at times do not make some right again.

    They are just too late.

    I still feel bad about Miks. I just wish she dint fall that ungodly trap.

    • Lutomi Modesola Okunrounmu

      Hmmm…cogent issues raised.

      let’s dash to the begining, the Garden of Eden.

      Was God weak? as a father/provider? was he late in Instructing Adam? or Was it Eve that lacked self-control?

      It boils down to the power of Choice.

      Alagemo ti bi mo e…

      thanks for reading.

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