Oblivion (fiction)

Oblivion 22

Oblivion 22
Tears filled Mikhail’s eyes as she glanced at Dotun. He lay sprawled on the king size bed; his sleeping form looked so at peace. How was that even possible? The tears made their way down her cheeks in unison. For the umpteenth time, she asked herself what she had just done. With a blureed gaze she watched Dotun as he stirred; he woke up and saw her seated at the foot of the bed. Dotun moved towards her
“Baby, that was fun right?” he chuckled as tried to touch her cheek
“Don’t touch me!” Mikhail avoided Dotun’s touch. She grabbed her blazer and slipped it on over her camisole.
“What are you doing? Why are you dressed up” Shocked, Dotun sat up on the bed
“I am leaving.”
“I don’t understand. To where? It’s almost 12am” Dotun came close to her once again “Sweetie, be reasonable and stop being childish…”
“Reasonable?” she let out a dry laughter “This isn’t right; I have sinned against God and myself”
“What on earth are you talking about?”
“I made a mistake. I feel used and empty…this is not love” tears dropped down her eyes as she talked. . “I can’t do this anymore, its over between us. I’d get a taxi”
“Mikhail, come off it. I love you, you are being unnecessarily emotional…you will get used to us. Come here baby” She opened the door and left the Hotel room as he was talking. Outside the room, she used her palm to dry her face. She took a deep breath and walked across the corridor towards the reception, ignoring the receptionist who waved at her.
“Thank you sir. I noticed that in my church, my pastor’s wife always tell the sisters to be chaste while in campaigns against HIV, abstinence is likewise highly emphasized. I’d like you to explain the difference between abstinence and chastity.” The Head girl of Federal Government Girls College, Sagamu asked.
Vivian exchanged a knowing look with Jamal; he nodded from where he stood at the back. D’towncrier was the guest speaker at this Tarmar Mission to FGGC, Sagamu. And they were
“Let’s give Ijeoma a round of Applause” D’towncrier, a man in his mid-thirties, had an unmistakable ppassion evident in his husky baritone.
“Chastity is a quality of being pure; purity of the mind and purity of the body. Abstinence on the other hand could be as a result of being CHASTE. In this age, people have invented several things to do that involve the intimate knowledge of the partner but will abstain from Sex. The point is this when you living a chaste life, you recognize that your totality of the body is the temple of the living God, and will do everything to keep the temple pure.” He paused “Be it reading of Romance novels, Pornographic materials, listening to lyrics with lewd content, watching movies that arouse desires. These things could be very misleading; they fuel passions, cloud decisions and become strongholds of the mind. I submit that in this age, like never before, Virginity is still a thing of dignity. Chastity is a thing of Dignity that Honours God. I got married a chaste man. And I encourage you to embrace a life of chastity.”
The whole hall went haywire with the girls hooting and passing side remarks.
“Ok girls, let us continue. Someone wrote ‘Sir, how far is too far with my boyfriend?’”
The girls made more noise and lots were giggling
“Listen.” He waited for the quiet “If you have a boyfriend which for your age I see no need for, let me tell you what I will tell my daughter. How far is too far? Whatever you can’t do in front of we your parents is too far.” He paused to let the statement sink in.
“Now I understand that a lot go on in private, but let me mention this, like I said in response to Ijeoma’s question, if you have a boyfriend and you think the next thing on your agenda is all sort of things like kissing, cuddling. It’s inevitable; one thing always leads to another. It’s the law of progression… if a boy is your boyfriend, as far as you are not married, you are not married!”
He made a face at them, looking intently at the young women. “And you are not entitled to the responsibilities and benefits of being married till you are married. All of you in so called boyfriend – girlfriend relationships need a rethink. There is more to life than chasing Emotions. Grace to you”
The hall was silent. He knew he had hit a home point with the girls. Next question please” D’towncrier said as he drank from his glass of water. Jamal reached for the vibrating phone in his pocket. It was a call from Mark Martins “hey Markostic!”
“I de o, how did the outing go?” Mark asked
“Tis fine o…we still de here”
“Ok…regards to Vivian.”
“Sure. Ehm Mark?”
“The baker, that guy that supplied cakes to your Dad’s birthday, do you know him/ the company?” Jamal asked subtly to remove every hint of suspicion.
“Hum, no. but Mikhail or Mum should. They couldn’t keep quiet for weeks about the desserts. Do you want to order a cake?”
“Not for now, I just got curious” Jamal chuckled
“Alright, I will help you find out.”
Mikhail Adeola Martins woke up with a slight migraine. It felt as though the world was drumming on her head, it must be the several hours of crying she thought as she took a sachet of pure water and drank. She turned on her phone which she had turned off when Dotun’s call became irritating.
The time was almost one pm; ECN 203 class would probably be rounding up. She only hoped she hadn’t missed any test. But really it didn’t so much matter to a part of her. She felt so alone yet so famished. Her phone vibrated as messages came in eighteen from Dotun, one from Momo and another from Mark. Dotun’s were an array of love notes, poems, entreating her to pick his call. She placed the phone under her pillow and took her Diary.
Mikhail hugged her diary, read previous entries. As she read her heart became heavier.
Dear Diary
I like to be my own person, stand on my own.
Make my own decisions and be proud of them.
But today, here I am with only one word to capture how I feel, SHAME. For so long in my life, I have heard the word, imagined that I knew what it meant. Or maybe I never paid too much attention to it. I had been in Oblivion, it changed today!
I took a step, a drastic action. I decided to consummate my wanton desire for Dotun. I am wrong, I feel empty and used. What was I thinking? Those novels made it seem so easy and flawless. I am a disgrace, am I am embarrassed that…
Her phone rang; she paused to dry her eyes.
“Hi Dad!” Mikhail tried to sound cheerful
“Princess, how are you?” Her dad asked
“I am fine sir and you?”
“I am fine. Where are you?”
“In my room sir.”
“Ok, meet me at your school library in Ten minutes”
“Ok sir”
The call ended, but her heart beat kept ascending.

A Short Note
I apologize for the late arrival of this episode. I appreciate Oginni Olatunde for the beautiful Image he made for Oblivion. Thank you and God bless you all.
I emphasize that Oblivion is an inspired work of fiction.
Much Love,


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