Oblivion (fiction)

Oblivion 21

Oblivion 21

“Please don’t tell me that!” Dotun said as he turned to face the wall. Soji had a way of spoiling one’s day. Imagine the guy, telling him about handshakes passing elbows. What was that supposed to mean. Now he won’t let him sleep in peace because of his relationship with Mikhail.
“Dotun, you are my best friend. Passionate and zealous…I know how determined you get wen fuelled by passion. But also, I want the best for you, it’s just that atari ajanaku kii se eru omode (the head of an elephant is not the kind of load a child carries” Soji chided
“So I am the child now? See…just shut up, I am done listening to you” Dotun hissed and stood up to leave the bed.
“where are going to it past midnight?”
“Anywhere away from you! He took his phone and left the room.”


“Hey! How are you doing?” Rolari pushed her duffel bag to the corner of the room.
“My roomie is back!” Vivian cried. Rolari just returned from an outreach programme. She played an active role in CMDA medical outreach team. She was the kind of doctor that patients wanted to be on their case. Like that time she observed that Lukman the gateman had been playing the girl who sold pepper and the possibility of an induction of a third wife. She called him to order in her friendly way and reminded him that he was building castles in d air. And the girl, hahaha, you`d have thought Rolari was her mother.
She had brought her in, given her clothes, taught how to make crotchet braids and then sat down to explain what happens when teenage girls get pregnant. She even went as far as telling the girl to not hesitate to give her call if she needed anything. She claims what drove her was her passion to help people. But more than that Vivian knew was the love she had experienced in God.

“Did you cook? Am hungry?”
“Na, I didn’t because I thought you’d arrive later” Vivian replied
Rolari made a face at her “I told you I was coming today, it’s just not fair” she watched Vivian move towards the table and raise a bottle up “Will you drink garri, I just got groundnuts? I planned taking that before going to the market.”
“Haba, who goes to the market at four pm? Were you hoping I’d arrive at 10pm?”
“Will you drink Garri or not? Your story is too much” she walked towards the cabinet, poured some Garri into a wide ceramic bowl without waiting for her friend to reply
“Tell me, how is Doctor Brother Phillip sorry, is it Brother Doctor Phillip?” Vivian asked as she took two spoons from the spoon canister.
Rolari rolled her eyes. “Speaking of being on people’s cases, when will you give our doctor face?”
“Yes speaking of cases, your meeting with the famous Dr. Melody, you promised to give me full gist?” Rolari could be like that. Abruptly change a subject to suit herself.
“Right, well we had an elightening discussion. Apparently it’s a subconscious thingy. Like a mechanism to prepare for a next time. Like the mind believes if the body really wants to, it can save itself something like that.”
“Awh” Rolari could only try to smile
“But I am good…totally not worried about evil coming my way. The Lord always protects me. I am good”
Rolari hoped she understood the words she said and wasn’t just trying to convince herself.
“Don’t think you can sideline my question, How far with Phillip? Everyone knows he is Head over loafers for you”
Rolari remained silent. Vivian grunted.

These past weeks, thoughts of Mikhail Martins floated through his mind. He knew they were not intentional like him purposely setting his mind to think about her. Of course, she was beautiful and growing yet he was not at the liking-a-lady time of his life. There was so much he wanted to do with his life. He sat to do some writing at his table this evening but as soon as he heard his thoughts straying to her direction, he decided he’d get to the end of the matter, right there.

“Holy Spirit, wassup with Mikhail, thoughts of her keep coming to me” he spoke out loud as if he communed with his roommate. “I have been wondering if it’s what my mum said that triggered these thoughts” still no reply. Was the Holy Spirit not planning to reply, well he wasn’t planning to relent either. “Ok, I admit I have always like Mikhail. But it’s not a big deal, when she was young, I was too shy to be around her. That is how we became frenemies. She thought I didn’t like I becaose she had braces and favoured her more beautiful friend Momo”
Jamal knew the Holy Spirit knew all these things but the more he talked the freer he seemed. “Now she has grown into a beautiful woman, I dint even realize that I still liked her till I saw her talking with the cake guy at her dad’s birthday”
Pray” he heard he looked back, to check who talked behind him. He saw no one and continued.
“I just felt it was just an emotion, I dint pay attention to it”
“Pay attention to this. Pray for her” the inner voice said with urgency.
“Spirit of the living God, what is the matter? Whats wrong? Is she alright?”
“Pray for her” the cake guy’s face flashed through his heart. What has the cake guy got to do with her? He wondered
He started to pray, even though he knew not what to pray about.
“Lord Jesus, I pray for Mikhail. I want you to step into her life right now, I don’t know what exactly is going on with her right now… but you know everything, have your way. Keep her safe, order her path, constrain her to make …”

“Are you kidding me? Mikhail when I tell you I love you, I mean it with everything in me.” Dotun said
“There is no other woman I can ever love half as much as I love you. Let me tell you this secret, whenever I picture my future, it’s just incomplete without you!”

“I see” she replied. Finally! Dotun thought after nearly an hour of declaring and redeclaring his love to her, she finally said something
“I mean it. You know sometimes. I doubt if you love me? Love is incomplete without giving. What have you ever given me?”
Mikhail took a look at Dotun. What was he talking about? “I love you…and I give you my time”
“It’s not enough! If you really love me as you always sing. You will let us seal our love by moving it to the climax. “

“I just knew that was exactly where you were headed. Does this statement ring any bell? ‘True love waits’”

“Hehehe, very funny…haven’t I waited? I have waited for three months.”

Mikhail sighed “I am a virgin”

“In this age? Haven’t you heard that virginity is not dignity? It’s just a lack of opportunity? ” before she could reply be continued ” but look at me, I am not just opportunity, I am love…I love you and I want to give myself to you baby. I know you want to be with me as much as I want you”

“But sex outside marriage is wrong.” she found herself saying.

Dotun stood up “I am a man with needs. Would u rather I cheated on you?”

“No!” she stood up, tied her arm around his waist “Dotun, alright but just once.” Mikhail said.


  • Alayande Olaide


    This happens virtually every second.
    The devil stealing away people’s dignity,using lust to destroy lives.

    But God quickens the intercessors(Jamal) to interrupt the plans of darkness.

    I know the power of prayer. God answers prayers.

    Thank you Lutomi.
    Tonight am Inspired to intercede for destinies that are about to sink all over the World,I know my Father will step in one way the other.

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