Oblivion (fiction)

Oblivion 20

Hurray !!!
Today marks another Milestone…as we drop the 20th installation of the Oblivion series…all along, I must say, your reading and following has made telling this story worthwhile. Much Love we send your way.

Oblivion 20
Mikhail bowed her head a bit lower as she landed her handful of morsel into her mouth, adjacent her was her father, Dr. Olabiyi Martins at the head of the dining table, enjoying the pounded yam and efo riro his girls had placed before him. He liked to call of them including her mother, his girls. The years were not lost on Kofo, who sat at his right hand. Anyone who glanced at Mikhail would have thought she was blessing her food. However, she was taking her time to scrutinize her Father’s every move. She couldn’t tell if her mother had told him about Dotun.
Her parents where at the cheerful banter again, talking about the doctors in India and their accent. Funny how the then serious matter had become a joke. She felt the heat of her father’s gaze on her, he cleared his throat. She remembered the conversation she had last night, she had asked Dotun to say what he had first. He was upset, Ozone didn’t accept his proposal.
“You know?” her Father said, she braved herself to hear his next words “I can tell who cooked this soup” he continued
She hid her sigh of relief and thought, maybe mum didn’t tell him after all.
“Ehen? Who made it” her mUm asked
“Its Mikhail of course?” the dad said, “By the way, my love, is there still Locust beans in the house?”
Her mum turned towards her “Is there?”
Mikhail shook her head, her dad burst into a throaty laughter “That’s how I knew she made the food, she is the only one that makes vegetables with locust beans and onions in the ratio fifty to one”
Her mother giggled, Mikhail smiled. Dotun had sounded so hurt last night she couldn’t bring herself to end her relationship with Dotun. When he had asked her what she initially wanted to say, she had said it could wait.

“Mehn my weekend was something else, was almost blaming myself why I went home!” Jamal, Vivian observed was in a mood
“Awh pele” Vivian patted his shoulder “what happened?”
“Well, It Jamal’s mother; I dint rest at all” he pouted “Jamal Bankole go get me this, J-boy do this for me” Vivian was giggling “she con top the cake by asking if I still like Mikhail”
“Your mom’s so adorable, who is Mikhail?”
“You remember my friend Mark? The one we followed to his sister Martha’s school?”
She nodded then her dove eyes widened as she grinned “Hum, that’s a twist…so do you?
“I don’t know, I don’t hate her?”
“Is that why you are in a mood?”
“I am not in any mood… guess who I saw?”
“Mikhail?” Vivian couldn’t help but wonder what the matter was
“I saw Mikhail o…”
“Hahaha speaking of the devil herself”
“In fact, my mum sent me to her mum, on getting there I saw Mikhail…in fact I thought my mum set me up, she said she didn’t know Mikhail was around”
Vivian was just too far into the laugher to pity him.
“You know what she said when she saw me, she said ‘when do I get to meet her?’”
“Meet who?” Vivian asked
“My sister, that’s the same question I asked her, she brought out her phone and showed me our picture; the one we took in at the first Tarmar Mission outing, apparently she thought we were in a relationship”
“So what did you tell her?”
“Well I just said Very soon you will meet her.”
“Nothing else…”
“So when do you plan to tell her you like her?”
“I never said I liked her”
“Yes, you only said you didn’t hate her” she pouted
“Oh please” Jamal said as he tossed her a can of drink
“Who is it?” A very lanky figure appeared and took a quick sweep across her head to toe.
“Hi, I’m Mikhail, here to see Dotun.” She stood in front of room 23
“Oh” he rounded his mouth and nodded. Stretched his hand for a handshake, “Call me Soji…please come in”
Dotun who was at his table with his head sets in turned to see who it was when he heard the soft chuckle. He just hoped it was not Regina. God knows he didn’t want to see anyone.
“Dotun, you’v got a visitor” Soji said.
“Yeah, I see that” Dotun replied as his stern gaze broke into s smile. That smile had earned him the several awards at both departmental and faculty levels. Dotun hugged Mikhail, and said, “So someone decided to surprise me! Please make yourself comfortable” as he walked her towards the lounge chair.
Mikhail sat, took sideway glances at Dotun, he had a smile on his face. She just couldn’t bear to take that smile away. She could hear in her head “Wasn’t he smiling before he met you” while another voice said “Some never heal from broken hearts, do you want to contribute to that?”
There was so much noise inside of her, she decided to tune the voices out by looking around without actually turning her head. It was quite a large room, about half the room was the bed space…the other half had a lounge chair, reading table and chair. It was funny that there was large book shelf contouring the upper part of the room.
“I hear you are a Violinist?”Soji broke into her thoughts
“Yes I am, do you play any instrument? She asked politely
“Well, the guitar; bass, acoustic just give me six strings and I’d play you a tune”
“Wow, that’s nice”
“Thank you…I’d like to invite you to one concert, I’d be ministering at…”
“Sure, just keep posted.”
“Alright, I’d do just that”
Soji soon excused them but not without giving Dotun the eye. Dotun, put a glass of Juice before Mikhail. And sat with her. “So what were you doing before I arrived?”
“Was staring at the books, my mind was a thousand miles away”
“I hope it’s not about the Ozone deal?”
“No, was thinking about you Mikhail.” He looked into her eyes
“Right” she looked away
“You said you wanted to tell me something”
“Yes, well…er” she stuttered
“Mikhail you are not talking”
“I have been thinking about us” she blurted out
“Yeah, me too…a lot, I think it’s been unfair that I put pressure on you Mikhail. I mean what’s the rush anyway. I have decided that we will take things slow.” Dotun said with calm
She nodded, to her surprise she moved closer and pecked his cheek. She could hear that voice in her head, it sounded troubled “Mikhail, what are you doing?” Dotun turned his cheek and planted kiss on her lips. She felt herself tense up…she heard “Mikhail, what are you doing?” She thought “Oh, its jut a kiss”
The troubled voice said “there is no such thing as just a kiss” the other voice replied “What’s in a kiss anyway! It’s just a kiss” and so relaxed.

“Your hair will grow back, so gbo?” Biyi reassured
Kofoworola sat at her dressing table. As her husband assisted her in combing her hair. Some strands still fell off easily as a result of the cancer and treatment
“I know” she sighed “Your daughter got herself a boyfriend”
He continued combing and suddenly paused “what did you say?”
“Mikhail, is in a relationship…I spoke to her, she promised to end it”
“I see!” he stopped combing.



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