Oblivion (fiction)

Oblivion 19

Oblivion 19

Mikhail brushed her teeth and washed her face absent mindedly. Already in her lavender pajamas, she sat on her bed, and brought out her diary.
Dear Diary,
I am short of words…I can’t seem to articulate my thought into words…

She lifted her pen, doodled some absentmindedly. Her mind traveled to about an hour earlier, just after her mom’s call.
“Dotun, what was that all about?” she stilled her voice as she looked him squarely in the eye. He took a step toward her she took two steps backwards
“What was what all about?” he asked nonchalantly
“Oh! Don’t play games with me you know what I am talking about; you getting all cozy and snoozy on me” she gave sly look
“Sweetheart, it’s just that I feel there is this barrier between us” he sounded like a wounded puppy yet the confident edge of his baritone was lost
“I see! what barrier is that?”
He took a step forward and she took another backward “Mikhail, stop this na…it’s like you giving Us all of you; I know we can be better than this”
Mikhail knew the destination he was headed. She had read so much how these things happened with ease; the transition from being friends to lovers yet she couldn’t bring herself to taking such a decision. It was against all her mother had taught her. However, she sure didn’t want to lose Dotun; she liked him way too much.
She moved towards him, took his hand and said “Give me time to think about it”
Here she lay on her bed asking herself what exactly she wanted to think about; to give Dotun unrestrained access to her body? Her phone vibrated she checked, a message from Dotun
“Ever imagined if there was no water, what would be the fate of the goldfish?”
She ignored it. She scrolled her contact list and saw Mark’s display picture; it was Jamal and a lady.


“Jamal Bankole” his mum echoed his name as she entered the house and met him on the sofa “you this boy, you just wanted an excuse to come home!”
“Haaba Mumsi! I already told you that I might be home for the book launch on Sunday evening” he made a face at her
She shook her head, “No, what you told me was that considering coming home” Jamal spread out his hands and wondered the exact the difference in what they both saying. She continued “then when I told you the Athlete foot itch was back, you said you’d surely be home.”
Jamal shook his head; his mother could easily pass for his elder sister. She was five feet seven inches, wore size 14 clothes. She was trim and the ultimate drama queen. His mummy didn’t joke with colours today she was in all shades of peach and chocolate
“Mum, you win! You have your way”
She smiled, “while you are here i have some errands for you to run. A kii wale arugbo lofe (loosely translated as you don’t visit an elderly person without getting anything).” She dug into her grocery bag and brought out a pound of Greens (Tete), “Slice these for me”
Jamal gasped “Oh mummy, but you know I hate slicing and shredding veggies”
“I also know you like eating the same veggies, the earlier you got started, the better”
As she walked out of the kitchen, she paused midway “later this evening, you’d help me go to the Martins’ to deliver some things to Kofo”
“Ok Mum” he was already wondering why he came home
“By the way, how is Mikhail? I hear she is becoming a fine woman?
“Yes ma’am, a beautiful one, she is doing well at Unilag” he said
“And you still hold a candle for her?” she smiled innocently
Jamal gasped “Me! Seriously mum? why would you think that I like her in the like her kind of way?”
“Because I am your Mother” she sashayed out

“Mum!” Mikhail called out as soon as she entered into the house “where are you?” her heart was beating so fast and loud she could hear it. The ride home had been mentally long trying to decipher what could be the matter. She climbed the stairs headed towards her mum’s room “Mum?” she called again
“Young lady?” her mum Kofo, stepped out of Martha’s room. She was clad in a three quarter animal skin jumpsuit. Mikhail took a quick glance across her mum; she looked good she thought. But then again looks were deceitful…didn’t she look good just before she was diagnosed with cancer?

“When you are through weighing me with those your piercing eye let me know” that brought her out of her reverie
“Oh My mummy” She hugged her “I have been so worried since your call”
“Why would you be worried I am fine…reports should come in on Monday and of course I believe the Lord’s report, baby”
That’s my mum” she dropped pecks all over her mum’s face and tightened her hug.
“Why don’t you freshen up, then come and get something eat”
Ok mom” she sighed as she walked into her room. She had just been worked up over nothing. Her mum missed her children that was probably why she asked her to come home.
About an hour later, they both sat at the dining table. Mikhail was satiated in the love of her mother. “I see you miss us so much you have asked my presence?”
“Right, Miss Important…” her mum smiled “Where were you when I called last night?”
An alarm sounded in Mikhail’s head “I was out with a friend, ma’am”
“Is there anything we need to talk about, Mikhail?” her mum could really be annoying, with that smile as she sought to dig through situations
“No, Mum. Why?”
“I have reinstalled my Whatsapp, and we can now get to chat, dear”
“Ok ma’am” she knew her mom was headed towards the pictures
“Mikhail, who is your new friend? Who is in nearly all your display pictures?” Her mum’s face was now serious
“Well, his name is Dotun” Mikhail said
“I know he is more than just a friend to you, I just don’t know how much more of a friend he is to you?” Mikhail bent her head “When were you planning to inform me?”
“er… I knew you’d be disappointed”
Her mum stood up, “No, I am not disappointed. I am very disappointed that my daughter will go against all the upbringing we invested into her and be parading her all over the internet with men”
Mikhail was sobbing, I am sorry mum. I honestly do not mean to hurt you.”
“Tell me Miks, what exactly does he give you that we can’t afford?”
“So what exactly do you want Mikhail, you can talk to me”
“I don’t know mum, but I just want to be happy”
“You are nineteen, if you begin a relationship now…you may end up losing so much of you. You have to weigh it, if you begin dating now, what do you really want to be doing in such relationship? I hope you haven’t stated getting intimate?”
No mum” Mikhail shook her head
“It’s only a matter of time before the pressure mounts up and you give in…Do you remember Dinah in the Bible, Jacob’s daughter? She got curious and ended getting raped”
“I like him a lot, he says he loves me…he is different from other guys?”
“Awh, baby” she put her arm around Mikhail’s shoulders “I understand, but you are a young woman with a glorious destiny…so much is at risk, you can’t give the devil an inch he will become a ruler
Mikhail nodded
“If he is the one for you, he will wait. The prove of Love is in the Waiting, my dear one” Her mum said
“Ok mum, I call an end to the relationship?”
“You will be thankful you did, now is a time to focus on you” her mum rubbed her head
“Is dad aware” Mikhail suddenly remembered her parents told each other everything
“Well, he is not on Whatsapp and I am yet to tell him anything about it”
“Please don’t tell him.”
“Hopefully, I won’t need to”

“Thank you for seeing me on such a short notice” Vivian said politely as she gave her a long hug. They had spent close to two hours discussing.
“Oh, it’s no bother, darling” Dr. Melody waved her off as they stepped out of the house. “I’d have my driver drop you off and please feel free to call me anytime.
“Alright ma.”
Mikhail lay on her bed, phone in hands. It had been a long day. And quite funny with an unexpected visitor, Jamal had come to drop some things for her mum. Imagine him saying he was surprised she was home…in her own house.
She got a call from Dotun
Dotun: Hi Sweetheat
Mikhail: Hey! How you doing?
Dotun: Good! And you?
Mikhail: Cool!
Mikhail: I have something to tell you
Dotun: I have something to tell you
(They both said at the same time).


  • Alayande Olaide

    Wonderful Mothers in tonigh’s Episode.

    As usual kofo remains my best.

    Now I have a new friend, Mrs bankole.
    I like when parent are close to their children that they can. play and discuss real issue.
    Mrs bankole,nice one between you and your son Jamal.Such rapure help makes parenting effective.

    My sensitive Kofo,dnt know you had such hold on your children.
    indeed thou art a cool wife and mother.

    I really like a word tonight,as by the word I am pushed to pray as a Father to be.

    Kofo said
    “Tell me Miks, what exactly does he give you that we
    can’t afford?”

    “That we cant afford ?”,NOTHING.
    Men, I want to be such a parent empowered to provide abundantly for my children, they don’t need nothing outside.

    Thank you @Lutomi.
    *Awaiting Oblivion 20*

  • Hephzibah

    Hmmmn….. Tritone on steroids . God bless you Madame you hit all the right points.
    Olaide just hit it- (parenting; childrening)-Relationship. So beautiful.
    Dotun seems to believe in the Hollywood kinda relationship kickoff. I hope he gets things right. I like the guy. hummn… I will be praying for him…{where’s that Whatsapp monkey}.

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