Oblivion (fiction)

Oblivion 18

Oblivion 18
Dear Diary,
Sometimes ago, it used to be that I was reading my dreams in novels…now in am life; I am living my dreams. Dotun is every bit of a gentleman, so considerate, he even welcomes for my ideas like I am his springboard… I find it rather exciting…he is almost perfect well, save for the fact that he can’t sing…well, who cares…could he be the one?
I mean the concept of “THE ONE” is not a myth right? you know day dreaming is so much fun! The other day I pictured what our wedding will be like, my train will extend from an empire waist…something classic…of course some Mozart in the background…I have not decided on colours though, Burgundy and Ash are definitely crossed out…I mean who uses such colours…

Mikhail heard her phone ring, it was the song she had set for Dotun, and she picked up at the first ring.
Dotun: Why is she not sleeping yet?
Mikhail: Because because! (She giggled)
Dotun: Well, it’s a good thing…how was your day?
Mikhail: Was good, I had some time to read and practice a piece. Yours?
Dotun: Was just there, I didn’t get to see your face…guess what?
Mikhail: London Bridge is falling down
Dotun: Right and you are now the reporter? Try harder jor
Mikhail: It has to do with Dusk and Dawn
Dotun: Spot on! You are so right…I got a call today from Ozone, the HR actually, I have been invited for an interview on Friday
Mikhail: I am happy for you, my dear
Dotun: Thank you dear! So why were you up at 11:30pm?
Mikhail: Was about my business…writing stuff.
Dotun: Ok o…Are we still on for Friday night?
Mikhail: Hum…
Dotun: Alright Shakespeare, enjoy your night
Mikhail: Sweet Dreams dear

Vivian Njoku kept running, she took backward glances at intervals but she couldn’t afford to slow down. It was as though if she didn’t stop running her heart would explode in her chest, yet to stop meant they could catch her so she willed herself to keep running perhaps this time, if she ran faster she would be saved.
Rolari sat at her desk studying for her End of Posting Exams; her attention had been caught by the groanings of her roommate Vivian. She raised her head up and noticed Vivian was tossing and turning again as though she was in a fight. The sight was pitiful, something had to be troubling Vivan for the night mares to have resurrected. Rolari stood up and went to Vivian’s side “Vee, wake up” as she gently tapped her roommate back to life.
“Stop crying, Vivian, it only a nightmare”
“Yeah it’s me! It’s alright I am here dear!” She replied
“I didn’t make it, Rola” Vivian whimpered as she rested her friend
“Shhh, it’s all right, it was just only a dream” Rolari cooed sweet words into her ears. After some minutes Vivian stood up, went into the bathroom. She stood at the sink and looked into the mirror; her hair was tousled, she touched her face as though she was expecting to see the mark of the guy’s blow on her left chin. She saw nothing, why these dreams she wondered. Why were they coming back? Why were the scenarios different but the situation the same?
She heard rapt knocks at the bathroom door, “Vee, are you alright?”
“Yes I am, I’d be out in a minute” she turned on the tap and splashed water on her face. Rolari was back at the desk by the time she came out of the bathroom, she looked up.
“The night of the rape keeps replaying in these dreams” Vivian sighed, Rolari listened with rapt attention; as a medical student, she understood the trauma attached to such an event. “But it’s been so long I had these nightmares why are they recurring now”
Rolari came around her to hug her, she was unsure of what to say “I think you should speak with your counselor”
“Yes, I will book an appointment in the morning”


“Who is this guy?” Mark wondered aloud
In the last month, Miklhi’s display pictures and status had been getting mushy with declarations and quotes of affection. The picture he was staring at was a selfie of his sister pecking a wide eyed guy on the cheek. He hissed, why she would be hanging around a guy irresponsibly.
Mark: Babe!!! How far na?
He sent a message through Blackberry Messenger, he waited for her reply.
Mikhail: hey Mark Mark!
I am alright, school is kicking! And u?
Mark: that’s good.
I am cool, started working on my final year project…
Mikhail: Wow… Dad and Mom will be so proud of you…you still tell me about it when you come home ooo
Mark: Sure Miks… any gist for me?
Mikhail: Humm…No? Anything?
Mark: No… just asking…Hope those Unilag huys aren’t disturbing you?
Mikhail: (gasps) why would they?
I no get their time…
Mark: Miks, if the guys are not disturbing you, then I guess the boy in your display picture is not from your school
Mikhail: Oh! My dp!…I just knew you were getting at something
That is Dotun
Mark: I see, and he is who?
Mikhail: well, he is someone I like a lot and we are getting close
Mark: I see!
And Mom, is she aware?
Mikhail: Well, for now no! And promise me not to tell her or dad
Mark: I can’t promise you that she is yet to see you lovey-dovey pictures!
Mikhail: Mark, I like this guy na
Mark: And you like him enough to make decisions behind mom’s back…let me remind you that you are 18 going on 19…we had agreement with our parents about making such decisions…
Mikhail: (sad look) Stop making me look like a villain
Mark: Don’t turn tables dear, you need to be careful…some mistakes are very costly and we don’t realize till its too late. I don’t want that for you, Princess!
Mikhail: awh, thanks Egbon… I will speak with Mom.
Mark: You had better do so asap! Got to go dear…regards to Momo, when you guys talk.
Mikhail: Alright, love you too!

Hello Vivian” Dr. Melody Bello’s cheerful voice sounded at the other end of the line.
“Good morning ma’am” She replied, she was glad to hear her counselor who had come to be a mother figure in her life.
“I was in a conference and so I missed your call but got your message, I understand from your message that yould like to see me”
“Yes ma, the nightmares seem to have returned…last night marked the fifth in two weeks” Vivian shivered as she talked
“It’s no problem dear, is there anything that has been bothering you?”
“I can’t say for sure, I don’t think I am unsettled”
“Alright, I should be in the country by Saturday…I will give you a call so we can meet on at my home…in the meantime, I want you to take your mind off what may be bothering you dear…The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and find safety…I will be praying for you “ Dr. Melody said
“Thank you ma, I appreciate you”
“You are welcome, have good day “ The counselor-doctor ended the call


“Its pointless jor” Mikhail pouted as they walked down the road from Ozone Cinemas into the dark night.
“What is pointless?” Dotun asked, wondering what she was getting at
“Why would the actor go through so much trouble to get the girl he like and then die?” She asked
“hahaha” Dotun lauged “no wonder, you were crying like a baby”
“I wasn’t crying like a baby” she used hit his shoulders with hers. As she tried to use her arm to hit his chest, he caught her arm. She tried to wriggle herself free, but he wouldn’t let her out of his embrace.
He could hear her heart beating very fast
“Okay, Dotun let me go” she was almost pleading
He kissed her forehead, then her nose he heard her “Dotun, what are you doing?”
“Sssh” he was not listening to her
Her phone rang; he froze then stepped away from her so that she could pick her call.
“Hello Mom” Her voice was void of emotion
“How are you dear?” Kofoworola Martins asked
“I am fine mom and you?” she sounded a bit too cherry
“We are fine, I’d want you home tomorrow morning…” Her mom said
“Okay Mum, are you sure you are alright?” Mikhail was alarmed
“I am fine, just get home on time”
“Alright ma” The call ended.


  • hephz

    Hmmmn…. Every episode better than the past. “The name of the Lord…….” I caught that. Well done Fragrance… It’s getting between those two. Nice way to endcan episode. Waiting for 19.

  • Alayande Olaide

    Episode really catchy( Smiles).

    I feel for those who are going through the trauma of being raped all over the world.I pray the peace of God visit them in Jesus name.

    Dotunnnnnnn.Hmmm( Actually, there is no boundary for a man who has not come to the boundary of the cross)

    You know, there is this interest I have for kofo as a person,mostly as a wife( Biyi’s love-Smiles) and as a mother.

    Tonight One more kudos to my Oblivion character friend as I see a sensitive woman, a sensitive mother.

    Thank God for sensitive mothers.
    Oblivion 19, come quick.

    (c) JTL2016

  • pearl

    A signal always sensitive & active…… so the bond between mother & kids should be. Well-done Mrs Kofoworola Martins; ABIYAMO TOOTO!

    THUMB UP sweetheart mi…….just got time to go through but getting addicted….

    ….dunno what will happen when I get to the bottom of the pot (thinking loud)

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