Oblivion (fiction)

Oblivion 16

I dedicate Oblivion 16 to some very awesome People I got to  know and work with this past five (5)months at Automated Geotechnics Limited. Mr Makinde aka Baba Makay, Mr Kingsley of Life, Miss Bisayo, Mr Shina, Mrs Ojo, Mr Nonso, Mr Bayo, Mr Wakili and the entire administration. Much love…,image


To think is like to drink fine wine. You can turn the wine from cheek to cheek, gurgle it, taste it goes down the throat, trace out its essence or spew it out. The bottom line; what you do with your thoughts determines your actions.
“Oh boy! Fashi that bae jor “  Soji made a face at Dotun.
Dotun ignored him, just sprawled on the bed was lost in thoughts or was trying to get lost in his thoughts. And of course Soji was as usual not helping matters. Soji’s perspective to life was simple; he hoped for the best but was also very realistic. In fact, his realism irked Dotun especially when it had to do with matters he didn’t invite his opinion. 
“I tell you, guy fashi that babe, there is nothing there, ok see” as though to demonstrate his level of seriousness, he stood dropped his guitar and plopped on the bed beside Dotun he tapped his friend. “Guy look at me, I am dead serious.” Dotun had no choice but to look at Soji. The guy was a pest.
“Soji let me rest na, I am trying to brain storm”
Soji busted into a throaty laughter, he looked at Dotun again and laughed some more.” You mean Mikhail is giving your brain a storm?”
Dotun snorted, where was the humour in that? “I am brain storming about my company jor?
Hoping the guy would leave his life alone, “You mean how she has not been keeping you company.” Soji pestered.
Rolling his eyes Dotun asked, “Have you been thinking about her lately or Why is she so much in your thoughts?”
“She is in your thoughts, I know” knowingly he nodded.
Speaking of Mikhail, Dotun sighed. He wasn’t thinking about her when Soji started disturbing him. It had been really long he heard from her, save for the text message she sent him the day she was travelling about leaving the country like three weeks ago it had been hard to reach her. And she hadn’t tried to call him either. 
Before he knew what was going on, Soji was snapping his fingers in his face. “Oladotun! Hello”
“Guy, what is it now?” Dotun sounded frustrated
“You were gone again”
“This time I was thinking about her, haven’t heard from her. I hope she is alright”
“Abi the girl don port. The girl is probably not coming back to the country, you know this rich people. Wait till you see her wedding pictures on instagram and the news trending on twitter.”
“I doubt it, her travelling had to do with her mom’s health. But I just like that girl na” Dotun said
“Life is more than liking a girl there other questions you have to ask yourself…are you ready for the commitment? Are you responsible enough to draw the lines? The right versus the wrong? The needed and the wanted?… Where is my focused friend that is interested in building his company and doesn’t like to get distracted. I think you really need to reweigh your priorities et al.”
“Soji, I am not distracted, leave it at that.” Dotun sounded firm.
If there was something Soji knew how to do, it was to not press a matter too much and let people make their own decisions. He nodded. “So wassup with business? Any new gist?” Changing the subject.
Dotun sat up excited to talk about it. “Well, I have been thinking of starting a walk-in store where students of UniLag and those around can get freshly baked cupcakes with any topping they desire. I feel Mikhail will be a good sounding board for this idea.” he smiled, “I can’t help but mention her”
“Yeah, I get.” Soji tried to be understanding. “I think that’s a brilliant idea, have you thought of location?”
Dotun noded, “My eyes are on a spot close to the Library also considering Ozone Cinemas, that’s dicey though. Demand and supply might be quite tricky for now especially at the cinemas.”
“Wow! You could start with the Library for now and then you could drop a proposal with Ozone about having a day supplying Cupcakes. It will be different from the usual popcorn wey no dey get sugar”
Dotun also laughed. “Soji my man…you see why I love to hear you talk at times, your wisdom is outstanding.”
“Guy no praise me, pay me! I am not a consultant for nothing” He hissed.
Jamal flipped the speech in his head side to side as he unconsciously scanned the ICT centre, about eight heads were scattered about the room. Students were not fully resumed to school. Yet exams were to kick off from January 19th. He was thinking about how to captivate the students with the opening words of his speech to the Senior Students of Treasure Hearts International College. Tarmar Mission was visiting the school later in the month to meet the students at the Interact Club Day.  He was meant to discuss with them about Associations and how they made or marred life.
He remembered a quote Mr Abiola Omodele once said “you either go through life by design or by default” of course telling the young ones that might wake a curiosity in them.
He wrote down, A young child is born as a clean slate, Tabula rasa… but the clean slate can be likened to magnet that attracts everything. A man can be called a summary of all his clean slate has attracted and repelled. The heart is highly impressionable e.g. if a mother always prays before eating, it gets to a time the child believes that eating is incomplete without the initial prayers. Also that’s why as a young lady, if you see Beyonce in a crop top today, your first instinct is too most likely buy yours or figure out which online stores can get them to you. As a guy, if you see reigning haircut or dance step, you would most likely want to have yours.
He took his phone to check the time, and then continued
The thing with association is that it’s like multiplication, plus times minus is always a minus (chip in stories from my days at secondary school). The worse decision I ever made in life was to not say no to bad friends. When your parents sing into your ears ‘Remember the Child of whom you are’, they mean it. The decision cost me much more than I bargained for.
Thoughts of Mikhail Martins floated in to his heart, he was amused this was the second time she was coming into his thoughts uninvited that day. He spoke with her last on New Year’s Day. He hoped she was ok; perhaps the Lord wanted him to pray for her and her family. But he tried to reason that Mummy Martin’s surgery and recovery had been remarkable and tremendous. He took his phone again and dialled Mark’s number
Mark: Hello Jay!
Jamal: How far na? What’s up?
Mark: We good ooo and you how is your mum?
Jamal: She is doing well, keeps asking when you are all coming back.
Mark: Mum’s doctors said she can travel on this week but we are looking at arriving this weekend. The three women have been shopping scarves and bangles.
Jamal laughed in the background
Mark: I don’t get it, Dad sef just dey flow with them…
Jamal: You sef just dey flow with them, it’s part of being thankful. My regards to all, how is Miks?
Mark: she is fine oh, behaving like she is my Mother’s Mother. (mimicking Mikhail) sit there! Mommy don’t stress yourself, eat this, take your pills e.t.c
Jamal could hear Mikhail I the background asking her brother who he was talking to about her. Next thing he knew she was on the phone.
Mikhail: Jamal, Jamal
Jamal: Sup mummy
Mikhail: Seriously, only doing my job
Jamal: Well done dear, may your children take care of you!
Mikhail: Amen Pastor… hope to see you soon, Martha wants hear your croaky voice
Jamal: Martha! When I was beginning to think we were becoming friends.
Mikhail: Yeah, right… let me get back to my novel. Bye…Martha’s voice is next

Mikhail was thankful for a few things in her life, the first was her mom was back on her feet; they were back as family. She remembered her mom’s expression when they arrived Nigeria on Saturday, she had smiled and cried and laughed. Her Dad was as always the gentleman, her mom by his side.
“It feels so uplifting to be alive with you” she said as she hugged her husband as though she didn’t want him to run away Mikhail’s mother, Kofoworola had said
Biyi smiled down at her “I know, there is no place I’d rather be”
Everyone knew his few words meant a lot, she saw the tenderness in her parents’ life and love as it blossomed like a palm tree, and words really could not capture the emotion. She loved their story and being a part of it. Another reason she was thankful was that she was back in time to continue the semester and had not miss much. And then, there was Dotun…oh, how she missed him. She was already on her halfway to India she realised she left her phone on the seat of her aunt’s car. She placed the call “Guess who is back?” she teased
“Hello stranger!” He replied as though he’d been expecting her call.
Dotun sounded confident as the day she met him at her Dad’s birthday. “Long time no see”, she continued her teasing
“Indeed, no se, no talk”
“Awh Dotun, I have missed you”
“Of course, you should though I know it can’t be half as much as I missed you…how are you? Your mum? She is fine now right?” He asked
“She is really fine and we are all good. We have lots to talk about.”
“When can we hangout, I don’t mind seeing the lady I am talking to.” He said and could hear her giggle from the other side of the line.


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