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Oblivion 14

Oblivion 14

Dear reader,
I bring you greeting of this glorious season. May the realization of this glory be upon us all every day of our lives. Christmas tells much about the birth of Lord Jesus the Messiah; and then his death, his first coming and his second coming…let’s endeavor to not just bask in momentary euphoria but live in the eternal grace.

Thank you for your endurance so far, the stats have been awesome because you keep coming back. God bless you biiiiig.
With Love

Oblivion 14
Love makes the difference – Anonymous

Dr. Biyi Martins looked tired and like he hadn’t slept in days. It was understandable for the battle he was fighting was much fiercer than him. The fight he was in him was the motivator of his strength…
“Dad, are you all right?” Mark examined his father through his Ipad screen.
“My dear, your old man is fine. How are you and your sisters?”
“All fine… Miks seems to be better these days rather cheerful” Mark replied with a smile
“Your mom regained her consciousness and the doctors say she needs strict monitoring due to some complication and loss of much blood… I must tell you that it’s critical but under control.” He sounded grim but hopeful as he talked comfortably with his twenty two year old son… they shared an invincible bond. From his perspective his son had become a man and this situation had made it more obvious
“Mark I want you to pick out the summary to give your sister Mikhail, you understand she starts her exam the next week. We don’t want her crying over again and getting depressed. You said she seems happy these days right?” Mark nodded, his dad as he had known was never a worrier in fact these days, and he saw his father as a warrior… Despite being miles apart, he called regularly to know about their welfare. He called Martha every other day to speak with her through her school guardian. “Martha said she was taking part in their school carol on Sunday Evening… I need you to be there, call her for details”
“Dad, don’t worry about us dad, we are fine. Tell me how are you holding on daddy?”
“I am doing well, seeking the lord daily has been my major source of strength, at times I wonder why me? Why should it be my wife that a deadly disease would ravage? But one thing I have realized is that his strength truly is made perfect in our weakness. When we come to the end of ourselves, we must let him take over; as in my case, I have come to the end of myself; your mom is on a thin line, I must only let him take the Lead.”
Mark used his palm, to dry his eyes, he nodded
“But of course we don’t have to come to the end of ourselves before we let him take over, do you understand that”
“Yes Dad”
“Don’t cry I believe she would be better pretty soon. You know, when she gained consciousness after the anesthetics had worn off, she smiled at me, my dear, she smiled.” He smiled, “despite her pain, the hanging between life and death, frustration of being confined to the hospital bed; she smiled at me. I am certain it’s not yet her time; we will need that smile in days ahead. Let’s just pray for her speedy recovery.”
The alarm beside him rang. “It is almost time for her to wake up from her nap and so I’d have to leave.”
Mark nodded, “take time to rest Dad, we need you strong. I love you Dad”
“Love you son!”

*                                   *                               *                               *
“You are so beautiful, Mikhail has anyone told you that recently” Dotun was at his table speaking into his phone
“You just did, by the way saying so again, you did this morning” her cheery voice teased him
“Is it now a crime to tell my friend she is beautiful as many times as I like?” he feigned offence
Soji cleared his throat in the background, Dotun glared at him. The guy was just annoying, eavesdropping on his conversation.
“You called?” Mikhail interrupted the awkward silence
“Hum, yeah, would you like to follow me to a show Dusk&Dawn will be feeding the hungry bellies. And before you say no, some of your favorite celebrities will be there John Legend and Tiwa Sa…” Mikhail was screaming it almost got Dotun scared “hello? Hello? You there”
“Yes Dotun, you the best…er…when is the show?”
“Friday night 6-8pm”
“Ok” she had planned to read her in preparation for her exams but what the heck; she thought she couldn’t afford to miss this show.
“Are you alright? You not talking” Dotun was really hoping she wouldn’t change her mind.
“I am fine, I have to go now”
“Ok, bye dear” he ended the call and hoped Soji will keep his mouth shut, of course he didn’t
“Dotun, what’s up with you and that babe na?” the quiz began with Soji as the master.
“Nothing” he grunted
“Yeah right, and I am supposed to believe that. Ok tell me why you keep calling her beautiful, lovely, butterfly, rose?” he mocked
“She is my friend that’s all…I am going out, don’t talk to me about her if you have nothing important to say.”
“You better wake up” that was the last Dotun heard as he left the room.

*                                   *                                *                              *
“Mark, what’s up man?” Jamal asked
“I’m good… just looking up to God.” Mark seemed to have lost a few pounds compared of the last time Jamal had seen him.
“Is there any news from your parents?” Jamal was home for the weekend and he had made his way to the Martin’s Friday evening.
“Yes, the operation was successful and my mom is under strict monitoring due to some complications that arose. I trust God that it’s nothing he can’t handle”
“True…. Grace to you my friend, my mom and I have been praying for you” Jamal paused “when is Martha coming home?”
“Not sure, will you be around on Sunday afternoon, She is taking part in the Christmas Carol program. I am sure she will like to see you?” Jamal knew Mark was trying to convince him but he already had plans for that time.
Jamal smiled “I will bring a friend along, that’s the only way I can make it”

Thank you for reading, Oblivion 15 arrives on Tuesday 29th as usual.


  1. Hephzibah

    Dear Lutomi, Oblivion has been a blessing this year. I hear it will end soon. I hope it’s not true because if it is, it will be unfair..
    This was really nice. Very exciting.. Well done sis.. You are on point..

  2. Alayande Olaide

    This is getting more interesting per week.

    As usual, got all ma attention as I read.

    If a smile could mean so much to Biyi,I can’t imagine what her total healing would be to him. @Kofo….Get well soon

    I enjoyed every bit of this episode as usual.
    ***Awaiting Oblivion 15 ***

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