Oblivion (fiction)

Oblivion 11

“I am fine thank you and you?” Mikhail asked as a routine into the phone. It was only logical to ask him since he had asked she thought.  Her phone had rung on her way to the Hall from the evening class and it was the Dotun-Bosun guy.
“The class was just there” she replied his question.
“Yes, I am ok, it’s probably the stress of the day that makes me sound so” she answered
“No we have not had Prof. Marayesa’s test, it comes up sometime this week”
She felt her phone vibrate to indicate an incoming call “Ok, I have to go now. Yes. Thank you for checking on me…bye” she said almost in a hurry and cut the call as she swiped the answer point of her phone to receive Mark’s phone call.

“Take this”, Biyi said sat and stretched his palm with painkillers towards his frail wife. “It will calm you down.” They just arrived from the Hospital; it was a tears filled journey home. Biyi felt so helpless, for the first time in their marriage since after the excruciating hours labor to birth Martha, he couldn’t do anything to comfort his wife but just be by her side. Jimmy had delivered the news to them.
“I don’t want to be calm” Kofo screamed, “I have stage 2 Breast cancer!”
Biyi said “You are tired from this ordeal, you will fight this cancer” he assured her, “I need you to be well rested to fight well, Do you understand that”
She just looked at him.
Earlier at the hospital, his friend had called him aside to give him guidelines about how to deal his wife’s state “Biyi, I am really sorry to be the one to deliver the news of this development but I have to” he paused as though for emphasis “you see Kofo’s case is critical, her body is at the moment a question raiser especially in addition to the changes that come with Menopause. I’d like that you be patient with her, especially with the drugs and procedures she’d be undergoing, she could easily turn out to be a mismatch of emotions, find food or even family repelling, asking for the oddest of things and so on” Jimmy looked Biyi straight in the eye and continued “You will have to convey this mind to the children, not with mere words but also through your actions so that they would not be thrown into the a traumatic experience. And once again, the Oncologist I referred her to, Dr. Marci is one of the best specialists in town, you cannot afford to lose hope.” Biyi had been grateful for this heads up…
“What are you thinking about” Kofo’s voice was tired; his wife’s bubble was missing.
He was more determined to get it back “Not too much, sleep for a bit and we will talk when you are well rested.  He lay beside her and prayed to Jesus, the great physician.

The floral dress Vivian wore was well fitting, she seemed to look prettier every time Jamal saw her, today something was different about her; she looked confident. Smoothie in hand; she took a sip and continued talking.
“Remember the Lemon- Lemonade Project I told you about” she raised her brows
“Yes, I do” he said, it took a lot of patience for him not to ask any other further about the issue. He picked a Samosa and fumbled with it in his hand, looked around as he waited, dumped the crunchy piece into his mouth and nodded as he waited for her to talk.
“Well I have been thinking for a while now, I would like to start a Non Governmental Organization (NGO)… the target subjects are teenagers; reaching out to secondary school students especially, I’d like to use my terrible rape story for good, by giving proper sex education, rape awareness, cultism and other things that pertain to the young-uns” she finished off with a smile of fulfillment. Jamal thought he saw a blush.
“Vivian, that’s huuuuuuuuuuge! Aaaaaaamazing! Also awwwwwsome! Are you sure?” Jamal was really surprised to hear all these
“Yes I am” she smiled “er…in fact I have enrolled for online Guidance and Counseling Diploma… I look forward to getting the education formally also drawing wisdom from the Bible.
Jamal took her hands and just smiled at her, “You, my friend are a strong woman! Please let me know if you ever need my help with the NGO.  Tell me more”
“Yes Jamal, I look forward to creating awareness just before the Christmas break” she sipped some more, “that will be end of first term at the University Secondary School; I have an appointment with the principal this Friday. Would you like to come along?” she made a cute begging face
Jamal opened his mouth to speak but he closed it, tried to process all she had just told him; He nodded.
“Hello Mikhail” Dotun-Bosun called just as she entered her room, he was timely as though it was planned. She liked that; she smiled. The hadn’t spoke since the day he got her number, that was about a week ago; not that she was counting.
“You know, don’t have to call me Mikhail all the time”, she mocked, “people call me Miks or Miklhi”
“I see, I’d stick with Mikhail for now” he drawled
She ignored his hint; the awkward silence was interrupted by Dotun’s next question… “So when next are we seeing next?”
Mikhail snorted “I didn’t realize we had become friends?” her voice had every hint of sarcasm
“She is not taking it easy at all” he said out loud “I’d like to see you again”
“She ohk?” she smiled
“What are you doing tomorrow?” he asked
“Hum, stuff! What is happening tomorrow?” she asked nonchalantly even though she was dying to spend more time with him.
“Well, I felt I will take you to the movies and watch you eat Dusk&Dawn Divine as you call it”
“Oh I see, since you put it that way, stuff can wait, of course we wouldn’t want to waste Dusk&Dawn Divine now, would we?” she asked giggling
“No, that’s a crime we must not be arrested for” he played along
“So, is it a date” she asked
“Should we make it our first?” he asked
“No, it’s not a date; I just wanted to make sure you were not thinking it was one.” she smiled and continued “then again, Bosun you want to take me to the movies so that means you get to buy my ticket, you want to watch me eat DDD in order words you are bringing them” she sighed and said “I guess all that is left for me to bring is myself”
“Right, Mikhail, you play fair” Dotun laughed and thought this babe smart…

Short Note
Thank you for Reading…happy new month of December, may you enjoy complete  joy and peace.


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