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Oblivion 10!!!
Hurray, I celebrate you as I drop the 10th installation of Oblivion. Thank you(x10) for reading, muah… November I heard is Writer’s month and So I dedicate this to all Writers especially if I have read anything from you and it has inspired me, made me laugh, smile or giggle (Today’s comments included).

Two months and counting, Mikhail was excited to be in school. Being in school afforded her a form of freedom she didn’t have while under her parent’s nose. Not that she was a party jockey or wanted to do the wrong things. It was to her as a breath of fresh air, a kind of new life where she could make her choices, explore who she was and wanted to be.
She knew for sure she didn’t want to be beauty without brains, or just the daughter of Dr. Martins whose name opened doors for her. Even her brother Mark had that mindset; he’d be rounding up his SIWES Programme in a few weeks. She thought as she doodled on her book
“Hi everyone listen up, can I have your attention please” the baritone interrupted her thoughts, she looked up to see her class governor in front of the class. Her classmates still chatting with each other, raising his voice a little louder he spoke again “I need your attention class”. He started to speak when the class was quiet enough,
“Prof Marayesa, our ECN 203 lecturer won’t be able to make today’s class. He has sent an online lecture link to us for streaming. We shall have his test on Friday”. His voice trailed off in Mikhail’s mind as he said other things that didn’t concern about their Faculty Awards Night. She stood up to leave the class as some made sounds like “Ope o!” and “Oooo, I hate tests”, “thank God”, “I just wasted my time coming to school early!”
She made her way through the passage leading to cafeteria when a voice stopped her,
“Hi, hello!” the voice said, She looked back to see a familiar face, it was Bonny, a guy from her class who always asked the lecturers weird questions. “Hi” he said again as he got to her side, “Yes? Hi” she replied giving no hint of patience.
The guy said “I have noticed you from class and I have taken a liking to you, you are quiet, beautiful and all. I’d like to go out with you”
Mikhail said “Oh thank you, I’m not interested”
Bonny pressed on “I am serious, I’d like you to be my girl…” such boring lines Mikhail thought as she controlled her eyes from rolling, they seemed to do that on impulse.
“Bonny, I am really not interested in being your girl. I will take my leave.” She took a step away from him
“Er… Sweety, what’s your name? Can I have your digits?” He stuttered
“You don’t need my name, else you’d have asked earlier and no you can’t have my phone number.” She walked away exasperated, you don’t know my name and you didn’t bother to ask before asking me out. She was thankful, her mum had taught her to be graceful or else she could have given the Bonnyface a knock. All these she ruminated upon these as she entered the eatery, ordered her lunch, went to seat. She brought out her iPhone and played her old time favourite, All of Me by John Legend and hoped it would relieve her irritation.
“Is this seat taken?” a voice asked, I don’t know why people can’t let others have peace of mind. The fellow was still standing there when she looked up and saw it was the Bosun-Dotun guy, she hid her surprise. “No it is not” she said, he dropped his tray of porridge beans and plantain on the table and sat.
“Fancy meeting you here Mikhail” he said looking at her, “Hun Hun” she grunted “I am human, human beings eat you know” she snapped.
That’s some temper, Dotun thought with his gaze on her…almost different from the lady he met at her father’s birthday save for her smart mouth and beauty. He looked at his steamy food and started eating.
She took out her earpiece, “Bosun, I was not in a good mood, though not an excuse for bad behavior” she said. Wow, she remembered my name, Dotun thought. He had his spoon halfway to his mouth, emptied its content into his mouth and chewed, thinking of what next to say.
“So what were you listening to?” he asked
“All of Me” she smiled
“John Legend?” he asked
“Yes and he really is a legend” she sounded excited.
“Right” He smiled
“Don’t tell me you are a student here also?” she asked even though she had googled him and gathered out other tidbits about him.
“I am a final year student of Business Administration and you?”
“Economics and International Relations, my second year” “Ok, that means you must have met Prof. Marayesa?”
“Yes, I love his classes… so real and fun” she said
“I guess we have something in common” he said looking Mikhail straight in the eye. “How is Dr. Martins these days? I got a copy of his book and I must confess it has really been enlightening.”
Pleased to her that her Father’s book was in his hands, she replied, “Dad is doing well…enjoying his annual leave at home. I heard you own Dusk&Dawn” she said in passing
“She heard” he echoed. She finished eating looked at her watch and said, “I have to go now”
“Sure, after you give me your contact details.” he sounded so sure of himself.
She smiled “And if I don’t?” “Then I will find you in your classroom and make sure I come every day till I get it” He said
Mikhail giggled, that’s an exciting thought to have an unrelenting stalker. “I’d give you on the condition that you’d I will always get a free Divine Dusk&Dawn from you”. A silly request, she knew but asked anyway.
“Fair enough” he said.

* * * *
Jamal took out his phone and dialed Vivian, his ex-girlfriend number. He had missed 4 calls from her which was unusual. “Jamal” she said
“Hello Vii” he hailed, “How you doing?”
“I am very well, thanks, and you?” she replied
“I’m ok, I missed your calls… was at Foundation Class for Converts”
“Oh, okay” she said “so what’s up? How has foundation class been?” she sounded in good spirits
Jamal was glad to hear from her “Really exciting, we were taught about putting off the old man from Colossians 3. You can check it out later. You didn’t tell me the reason for the several missed calls?” Ever since the rape incident, Jamal had become very protective of Vivian as though he was her elder brother.
A new side of Jamal had been unveiled to Vivian especially his kindness. “It is gist from the trauma and counseling classes I have been attending. Lately, we have done much talking on self-esteem…”
“That’s good” Jamal had noticed that her confidence in talking with him had somehow increased.
“Anyway, I was asked to ponder on this… ‘Lemon – Lemonade Principle’, as my counselor had called it. She said ‘Life will always throw lemons at us but what we make of them is our Responsibility”. And asked me to think of the lemonade I’d make out of this situation.”
Jamal was elated to hear the latest improvement “So?” he asked,
Vivian said “well I am still thinking and searching my heart, though I think I have a clue”
“Do you wish to share the clues?” he asked “Not yet Jamal, not yet… school resumes in about a week, we could talk about It then” She giggled.

* * * *
Even though she was a forty-eight years old woman, she wasn’t in anyway a fan of hospitals… Kofoworola was at St. Meredith’s only because of Biyi and the pain she had coming from her armpit. She held unto Biyi’s hand and didn’t realized that with every passing thought, the grip became firmer
“Iyawo mi, I am here, and not leaving you…” she smiled and said “that’s what you get for bringing me to a hospital” He had talked again about her seemingly dropping weight coupled with Mark’s observations that she was always dizzy. After the party she had used been treated for malaria but now she complained again that her body didn’t feel the same.
Biyi tried to make small talk, “I will be traveling to Germany by the weekend for a conference, and I’d like you to come along with me so you can rest a while”
“Okay” she said but she didn’t sound too enthusiastic about it, she continued “looking at the bright side…” A nurse came to call them into the doctor’s office.
In the doctor’s office, Biyi held out his hand. The doctor stood to receive them, took the handshake. “Jimmy, thank you for seeing us on such a short notice”
“Biyi it’s a pleasure to see you and Kofo, how are you?” looking at her carefully
Jimmy was Kofo’s gynecologist and Biyi’s bunkmate from NYSC camp days. They all sat, he gave the test results and paused while they looked at it. Biyi looked up and asked “What does this mean?”
“The test show a decrease in her estrogen level with the other symptoms noted, the test is inconclusive” he drew a breadth “We would need to run further tests, a Biopsy in breast tissues and a CT Scan” Dr. Jimmy said
“Ok” Kofoworola just nodded, Biyi squeezed her palm “what could the possible results be?” he asked
“Well, it could mean that her body is nearing menopause which really is no cause for alarm just an adjustment in lifestyle or it could mean that there are cancerous cells in her breast. We would know the next line of action from there.” He paused for what he had just said to sink in “I have scheduled the biopsy to be done immediately and the CT Scan for the day after tomorrow,” Kofo tried to smile “Kofo put your mind at rest; I know you are a strong woman.”
“Biyi, I will lead the way to the laboratory when you are ready.”


  1. Alayande Olaide

    First, I say Happy writers Month to all writers.
    and a big thank you to all Readers.

    @Oblivion 10.
    There is this synchronization in your write up,its has a sequence flow.
    @Jamal, I can see a convert that is growing in the lord, that’s cool.

    Pls tell Mr and Mrs Biyi that I like their set up. At that age,thier love to me seems waxing strong. I like that.
    ***Awaiting Oblivion 11***

  2. A lot of the things you state happens to be supprisingly precise and it makes me ponder why I had not looked at this in this light previously. This particular article truly did switch the light on for me as far as this specific topic goes. Nevertheless there is 1 point I am not necessarily too cozy with so while I try to reconcile that with the actual core theme of the issue, allow me observe what the rest of the subscribers have to say.Very well done.

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