Oblivion (fiction)

Oblivion 8

Oblivion 8

OYSTAR Events Palace located in the heart of Eko Atlantic City; 14 minutes north of Victoria Island had the ambience of a luxury. The peachish-pink crystal lights cast a mild glow in the arena like the starry sky over the Mediterranean. Oystar, a Medival structure was built as a tribute to Oysters. A live Jazz band serenaded the guests; Dotun took it all in like a movie, the music as the soundtrack and the guests were the cast. The Lagos society was not missing in the scene as she was well represented by the crème da la crème. They were dressed as the Christians would say, in their Sunday best all in honour of Dr. Olabiyi Martins. He had a past record of being loyal to most and he had earned their love. Those who couldn’t stand him had discovered long ago that it wasn’t worth it as he was ever too occupied to take notice of them. Dotun sighed as he looked at the phone, in his little experience as a dessertier; he had enjoyed the privilege of attending a few society functions. This event crowned them all perhaps he thought “a herald of the greater things to come.” he smiled “Dusk&Dawn is here to stay baby!” he joined Christie, his assistant in arranging the desserts. 
Mikhail had a smile on her, she felt like one of the protagonists from one of her Nora Roberts’ novels, it was a smile of pleasure, gratification. She had given generous attention to achieving the night’s look and of course, it paid off. She entered the Oystar with Martha, brat that she is ran off to Jamal on sighting him, as though he was the celebrant. He stood talking with Mark, both looked dapper in the black tuxedos, she reached their side successfully gaining  attention of the guests even overhearing whispers “Isn’t that ‘Labiyi’s first daughter?” another said “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”  “ That’s true, she is almost a replica of Kofo, her mother”. 
“Mark, is this your date?” Jamal turned towards his friend Mark, who winked and played along “No, this is my sister I told you about” Mark replied innocently. 
“Kidding aside, she must be her creator’s favourite work” he said loud enough for her to hear and faced her “Ma’am, I am Jamal and you are every bit of gorgeous.” 
“I never knew your friends could do this much fawning.” facing Mark, she smiled. “Thank you Mr. Jamal”, she hugged Jamal and threw him cheek kisses in the air and sashayed away. She was really pleased to hear such words from Jamal; at least her braces have become a thing of the past.  She made a mental note to Skype Momo the next day. Mark and Martha arrived at their allocated seat close to their Parents; she sat hoping to have a swell time celebrating her father, only one fear tugged at her heart. Mark must have noticed the creasing of her forehead for he asked “Now why is the princess frowning?” she looked at him knowingly, “Miklhi, you will be amazing as always, stop worrying we discussed this already.” 

MUNCHING Syndrome waiters known to always be impeccable in their uniforms and meticulous about their services. They didn’t fail this time. For Dotun, being at this soiree was his opportunity to network. Mrs. Teniola, CEO of Munching Syndrome fondly called Aunty by him was his mentor and mother’s friend; she gave him wings to fly by making Dusk&Dawn the official dessertier for her catering services. The thrill of the night would be his very own revised recipe Red Velvet Cake, the secret was his addition of Hazelnut, banana flavoured custard. It would be served to each guest after the main course. He really was not interested in the party. Seriously! Who wanted to watch rich people kiss other rich people? He was interested in building his network. He tried to follow the event for the sake of his best friend Soji, who would kill him if he went home without tales from the event. He heard the master of Ceremony welcome the celebrant’s first daughter for her presentation. He checked his HTC phone, quickly replied Regina, the girl could be a pain in his knee. Soon, she’d call to ask if she should come to his place to cook for him. They were not even dating. He thought. 
“Busy now, ttyl” he typed and hit the send button and locked his phone. 
The voice he heard made him look up, “Just when I thought I’d die of boredom” he thought.  Her voice, he couldn’t place a finger on what made it distinct, it had the rhythm of the morning birds and sounded as velvety as the ocean wave. Boy! She carried herself, the dress white and gold it seemed like he was looking at Nefertiti, the Egyptian queen. 
She finished talking and effortlessly arranged a violin on her shoulder and placed her chin close. There was something about this babe and the violin; there was a sense of belonging, like a mother and her baby. He was transfixed and didn’t really follow the piece she played, it sounded classical, melancholy yet sanguine at the same time, really posh. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, time seemed to have stopped. She looked young, beautiful… He was allured. 
As almost every performer at the end of her craft, she curtsied as the guests applauded and some stood to give an ovation to  Mikhail. Dr. Martins walked towards her as she came down, hugged her and kissed her forehead. And they walked back to their seats, as she got there Martha hugged her and said “I knew you would break a leg! Sis” 
The rest of the party included the launch of Dr. Martins’ new book “Relegation to Elevation”,   Dotun made decided from listening to the launching to get the book. 
“Miks, you should taste this”, Martha said as she waved her cupcake in Mikhail’s direction. The cupcakes had gone round with little paddle-like spoons to enable lifting of custard along. Mikhail, took one spoon and was awed from the first taste, she took another lift.

“This is Divine”, she thought as she looked at the body of the cup, it read Dusk&Dawn. She said aloud, “I may have just fallen in love with a cake.” 
Her dad, mum and friends took over the dance floor as customary with most parties with King Sunny Ade crooning his legendary hits, she took a walk towards the catering corner, spoke to an ebony matron, “Hi ma, may I know who is in charge of Dusk&Dawn”, she asked the Matron respectfully, she pointed Miklhi towards Dotun to her. 
“Thank you ma’am”, she moved in the direction of a young man in a Cobalt blue shirt. 
“Good evening Miss”, Dotun greeted the lady in front of him he didn’t know he could  face her and find words, her face looked angelic, as she unconsciously basked in the glow of the peachish-pink illumination.  
“Hello Mr…er?” she asked as though she had forgotten his name. 
“Bosun” he supplied, “I am sorry, I am  Dotun Adesanjo” he offered sheepishly 
“Don’t tell me you just forgot your name” she was amused, she knew these effects; she had read them in her novels. The effect a woman could have on a man. He cut into her thoughts “Actually, Bosun is one of my names, most people call me Dotun”. 
Bosun felt a need to take control of the conversation. “Miss, you asked for me?” he noticed Mrs. Titilola arching her brow at him, typical fashion of asking if all was well. He nodded his head and returned his gaze back to the mouthed beauty before him.  
“Well, I came to ask a favour” she said like they had been long time friends he was taken aback but pretended to not care, “Oh really? I am listening”, he replied. 
“I’d like you to give me six pieces of Divine” Dotun wondered if she was talking to the wrong person. 
“I do not follow you, ma’am” in her mind she wondered how a man could be so good looking yet so slow in catching up.  “Divine Dusk&Dawn or Dusk&Dawn’s Divine, that’s the name I gave the Red Velvet that was served”. Obviously, she had touched his ventricle for his face was now a boyish grin that revealed accuracy in his dentition. 
“Thank you Miss, I dint pick your name when you were invited for your presentation earlier.” He said kindly. 
“I am Mikhail and before you ask its Russian form of Michael and it means Who is like God.” 
Dotun smiled and said “I was going to say you had the guests transfixed on you”, 
“And you, Mr. Bosun?” she asked wittily, Dotun took the bait, it wouldn’t hurt to play a bit with fire, he knew this babe was out of his league and said “Well…” he stretched “to be honest, I was too captivated by the beauty of the violinist to follow the music.” She was for a moment caught off guard by his outspokenness, she blushed. 
“I guess we are even on compliments, so do I get the favour?” “Of course”, he packed them into a paper bag and stretched it towards her “Mikhail, it’s a pleasure to meet you”. 
“Same here” she said as she turned to leave, “same here”, she said again. Jamal noticed her leave the Dusk&Dawn Guy, and wondered what that was about but didn’t even realize he was glaring. 
Soji will be getting his gist for sure, Dotun thought as he walked towards a worried looking Mrs. Titilola Chukwuka to put her mind at rest. 

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