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Oblivion 7

Oblivion is here after a near long break, thanks to all my encouragers this is dedicated to them. In view to structure the timing of this post, I hereby announce that Oblivion Chapters will be posted on Tuesday evenings and you can stop to check from after 4pm. If you haven’t read Oblivion 1-6, click these links to get them on your screen.  Thank you for your commitment.
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Oblivion 7
Mark had almost reached the door when he heard soft giggles and his mum’s chuckle; he retraced his steps to the garden, seeing his mum seated with Milkhi stringing beads and Martha with Jamal trying to act out a scene from a Mexican soap opera. He had always been thankful to God for his family.
“Hi y’all, I see I am missing out on the fun” he feigned a pout, hearing his voice Martha turned and his jumped on him. “How you doing” he asked before giving her a peck.
“Mum, did you miss me at all” he asked as he sat beside Mikhil. Milkhi responded “No, she didn’t.”
“Yes, I did” as his mum stuck her tongue out at Mikhil.  “How did your day go, dear?” She asked
“Day was loooooong, I won’t bore you with the gory details three words…stressful, famished and fagged out, ma.”
“There is some Yam porridge you can heat up in the microwave” his mom said. Martha sneered and said don’t forget the birthday wrap up meeting we have by 9pm. Of course, Jamal please wake me in an  hour as he got  up to leave.

Dotun pulled out a Purple leather book from his library, it was his journal and could have been his next of kin save for the fact that it was not human. He sat at his table and wrote on a fresh page
*Get an advanced Wilton certification
*Acquire adequate space for the confectionery outfit 
*Look out for investors for DDD
Beneath he wrote a something by his Economics Professor had said during day’s class.
“Be Different, I dare you this day. Think outside the box for the box itself is only an illusion. My golden coin I sell to you this day, advice Embrace the Entrepreneurship spirit, create solutions, add value…”
Professor Ige Marayesa

He closed the book and stood to check the Beans he was cooking, it was burning.

Mark asked his friend how the day had gone to which Jamal gave a concise breakdown, “… By the way my mom sent her greetings; we spoke earlier today and wanted to know if I had moved out” 
“That’s so funny, that’s a great idea o, I don’t mind a twin brother, my sisters are a handful” Mark replied. He stood up and stretched, sat on the chair, “…as we were discussing before we moved into the day’s activities, let continue”
“Well, long and short of the whole thing is, the culprits were caught and brought to book, I am still in touch with Vivian, she is undergoing counseling. I left school for a while.” Jamal said calmly, “that’s all water under the bridge now.” He paused and said, “Now to why I sought you out in the first place. I have been your silent follower on Facebook for a while now and I must confess there is something about you; I can’t put a finger on it. It is like a magnet, you posts about Christianity they  get to me and I just need  to tell you that I want to be like you, have what  you have.”
“Wow” Mark said, “This is great news, I give God the glory for giving life to those posts. I must tell you Christianity is not a religion as often thought by many, it’s a lifestyle. Jesus is much interested in having a relationship with you; it’s a call to life, life in abundance. To be a partaker, you have to make a choice, to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.”
Jamal nodded “Yes, this is the choice I make today, to have Jesus as my Lord and Savior”. Mark took his hands and asked that they prayed together, repeat after me
“Lord Jesus, I am thankful for this opportunity to I accept you as my savior and your Lordship today. Help me live this life. In your name I pray. Amen”
“Congratulations bro! Welcome to life! There is so much to experience your bible must become your manual…”
A knock cut him short Martha popped in her head, “It is time for Dad’s birthday planning session…We are meeting in the Dining Arena.”

Short note
Thanks for reading, a quick question, WHAT IS YOUR LIFE’S MESSAGE? What do people perceive from your interactions with them? Please drop your private mails to me on lutomiokuns@gmail.com
I appreciate your for your time, don’t forget to make comments, predictions about the story, share and stop by next Tuesday for Oblivion 8.
Love from your friend,
Lutomi Modesola Okunrounmu


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