Oblivion 6

Curiosity they say killed the the cat, Mark was fortunate his had not reach its limit, he decided to allow Jamal speak at his own pace.
“How we used to sneak out for parties while we were in secondary school” Mark nodded and said “Yeah, how can I ever forget the troubles we put the Housemaster through. Those days, what about them?”  Mark asked
“You see, by the time we were through with school, I was more than a classic bad boy who had a list of vices, but I had fallen into the company of wrong friends. They were like the big brothers I had never heard, my first year at the University, they got me settled, thought me stuff I don’t want you imagining, partied and clubbed. By my second year I got mixed with some really crazy guys, these guys went out of their way to get what they wanted. Together we became the live wire of everywhere; I brought in my wits and charm while they just had a way of intimidating anyone. It is funny how my lecturers knew me to be an excellent student because I didn’t joke with my studies. And was fun, till there was a rape situation. Before you ask, a typical frame up, but who cared to listen or to know. They all thought it was me.” He finished off sadly
Mark stood up flabbergasted “wow, are you kidding me?”  Jamal looked into his friend’s eyes and shook his head. Mark said “What exactly happened?”
“You know, there was this girl I met and I really liked her. So pretty and fair, Vivian was such a pretty chic and a dancer too. We had been dating for about three months so we were close and all, but Vivian had certain limits on the relationship such as times I could call, display of affection etc. It was a principled relationship and that was an unusual scenario for me. I always grumbled to my guys. They asked me to do something about it but I refused and said it was all good…”
Mark’s alarm sounded at 7am and Jamal exclaimed “Oh no! I have to leave. I need to get to Ogba latest 7:45” to which Mark replied “Me too, I need to get to work before 8:00am. What do we do? Let’s go about the day’s activities and we’ll meet up later in the evening.”
“Good “, Jamal said “since you come back around 5pm, I will come back here. I’ll just branch home to say hi to my mom”.  “Fine by me!”  Mark said as he scanned his wardrobe for what to wear.
*                *                *               *               *                *
Miklhi had practiced her assignment for the ninth time, apart from music, reading was her second passion. She sat down to steal a chapter from the book when her mum passed by. “Sweetie mi” her mum cooed
“Oh, hi mum” she looked up at her mum from where she sat.
“How are you doing?” “I’m good” she replied. “Hmmm, what are you reading?” her mother asked. “The Elusive Doctor by Abigail Gordon”
‘Oh sweetly, that’s just fiction, you need to read about life and not just randomly pick up someone’s imagination of what relationships are all about”
“Mum, it is okay, I enjoy them anyway!” she said.
“Well, just be sure that this doesn’t affect your orientation about life and men, come join me in the garden, I want to string some beads”
“Sure Mum!”
*                *                *               *              


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