Hey Sis…

Hey Sis, I understand that you think this one might be the one…He is thoughtful right? He is always there for you else your budding attachment wouldn’t even be existent. You can talk endlessly about everything and nothing together,  such a gentleman, right?
I understand that he is not like the others, that he is not doing anything to make you fall for him…I also understand that your heart is fragile and has the ability to make him your next idol.


I need you to understand that you don’t want to do wrong by God…that you need to let him do the handing over…to hand you over to his choice for you, because you are not a bastard.
I also need you to understand that you can guard your heart with all diligence for all issues of heart spring forth from it.
My dear one you must understand marriage is broader than childish games. That fire burns when we put it on our laps.You must understand that singlehood is a time of growth when girl must meet Jesus. She must grow in him and firmly must it be…as boy must meet Jesus also.
Singlehood must be used properly for its a tool in the molding of thy destiny.
Now, I understand that letting go may not be fun, but one day you will look back and smile for surely it was a right decision. By the way, if this brother is your Father’s will and desire for you, he will work it out. Enough said.
Peace I leave with you, not as the world gives. Love you to pieces…
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Model Is Abuki  (She is a virtuous woman and a lover of God…Pretty right? I know ).

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