Oblivion (fiction)

Oblivion 5

    Munching Syndrome, known all over as one of the best caterers in town…owned by Mrs. Teniola Koffi-Allen, located in the suburban region of Lagos, and obviously  could only be afforded by elites.


    She called for a staff meeting on Sunday evening at her residence “Good evening everyone, as you have been informed we have a society party coming up”
“Yes ma” they all chorused in confirmation

“Good, but unfortunately I will be out of the country during that period but that doesn’t  mean that out standards must be lowered…” taking a breadth and continues,  “…So in my view of this I have appointed my sister Mrs Tititlola Chukwuka  to oversee things and the preparation of the delicacies for the occasion ranging from small chops, appetizers etc. It will be a buffet and the dessert will be handled by Dusk&Dawn”.

    Last night had been fun at the Martins’ home… Mark’s sisters were pests in a good way, Martha had slept off in his room while Miklhi refused to leave because she didn’t want to be alone in her room.

    Mark couldn’t get some alone time with Jamal to talk, but finally it was 6am of the next day before they could steal some quality time.

     Dotun  Adesanjo loved his job and was a master at getting deserts done, he hoped to have his own company one day, where he would invent and rearrange pastries that would one day become the world’s leading desert. He was only 22 and felt the sky was his starting point, he also read so much on business as he pursued his Bachelor’s degree in the University of Lagos in Business administration…
    “Dotun,  how far na…? why are you awake …” his roommate and best friend asked as he flipped to his side of the side

“Nothing joor…” he replied sharply ”Sleep must be earned…”
“Yeah right… which time you get lecture?” Soji asked in pidgin …”
“Na 10 am abeg free me” he replied grudgingly.

    Dotun picked up his mobile phone to complete his assignment on a Wilton’s online cake course. The service was always  better in the wee hours of the day.

    “Jamal, wake up” Mark said in a hurry tapping him lightly on the shoulder; he answered “Guy what’s up…what’s the matter…?” Mark started “You know we came back together last night for a reason…so tell me what the matter is…” Jamal went to Into the toilet and then came back drying his hands, then sat beside mark “Well, do you remember how we used to …”



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