Oblivion (fiction)

Oblivion 4

Milkhi turned down the heat so the soup could simmer. Martha sat close by with her earpiece plugged in as she sang at the top of her voice…
{Rebellion was truly worse than witchcraft.}

    She looked up just to see Mark standing by the door…with a grin on his face and simply quoted “Do unto others as you’d want to be done unto you…”. He must have calculated the whole scenario from the look of what he saw.
 “Martha, take this drink to my friend in the sitting room…” focusing his attention on her “Yes Egbon” she collected the drink and left.

    Miks shook her head and recounted the ordeal to her brother… he smiled and said “With time she’ll learn…”

    “By the way which friend came with you…?” she inquired
 “Jamal” replied Mark.  “Oh” she mouthed without enthusiasm. Jamal and Mikhail had never been on the same page mostly because when she was much younger with braces he mocked her and favored Momo over her.

    “What?” Mark asked “Nothing…He is just not one of my favourite persons, that’s all.” She explained
 “Whatever, he will be here for the night so be nice…” Mark warned
 “Of course, that’s my specialty…” then she steps out to the veranda to bring in the mortar and pestle …
“Martha, kindle tell Jamal to come here…?” Mark pleaded; Jamal strolled in hand-in-hand with Martha… Milkhi rolled her eyes.

    “Hi Milkhi” Jamal greeted as he stepped into the kitchen
”Hey Jamal…” Milkhi said with a fake smile “long time no see…” 
“Indeed …I see you have out grown the braces or are they now invisible…?” Jamal teased.
 Mark Intervened before his sister could reply as she gave Jamal a deadly glare…

 “Jamal, I called you here for a reason not to tease my sister…” he fired 
“Yeah, what's up ” Jamal voiced out
 “I need you to join me in pounding this yam. We have been pounding since we were kids and you know the way we men eat.”Jamal groaned, Martha giggled while Mikhail hissed.

   Dr. Martins stood impatiently at the airport arrival terminal to welcome his jewel back home… she was as beautiful as he met her 23 years ago.


    After a rigorous period of pounding and chatting dinner was finally ready, 
”We need to eat before they get back, then set the table for their dinner exclusively…and make tonight memorable for them…” Milks suggested “yes ma…” "Cool" "great idea" they all chorused in agreement.
  Jamal loved this family, they were his family too who didn’t bother about class when dealing with people… he only wandered why Mikhail was putting up an attitude towards him.
    “Jamal! Jamal!! Jam…!!! ” She called out “please, put these napkins on the table and try not to sleep off while doing that.” He smiled and went about his duty. Mark frowned at her and stated “…that attitude will take you nowhere…”

    Martha wanted them to eat on the balcony so she could read the stars and check out other things…it was a great idea welcomed by everyone.
    Mark blessed the food then the eating began. ”Hmm…this soup is awesome” Jamal complimented 
“Martha am sure you made this” she just blushed while Miklhi grumbled “…now she takes my glory for herself” Jamal winked at Mark. Mark knew what he was doing … trying to get Miklhi to contribute in  the conversation.

    As they cleared up their plates into the kitchen, they heard a horn of their Dad's car at the gates. The four young faces lit up as they heard… Mommy Martins was the real life wire… both extremely fun and strict… Miklhi started the happy dance again while Martha jumps on her… Mark quickly hands Jamal the rinsed plate for him to wipe.

    Popping out of the kitchen they ran into their parents at the door. “Mom!” they chorused incidentally as though they had rehearsed it she giggled with happiness as she pulled them close. Martha stayed longest in her embrace… “My mommy; I have missed you” Martha said “My baby I am back “.

    Dr. Martins smiled… he was so thankful to have her back with him, he never felt complete in her absence. “Am sure she’s hungry… let’s all say a prayer of thanksgiving so she can eat and I can go have my rest.” They all busted into laughter at his diplomatic plot to dismiss them, but Miklhi assured him “…we have the dinner area set for two… it is so perfect, all you need to do is enjoy yourselves…” as they all made their way to Mark's room leaving their parents to sort themselves out.


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