Oblivion (fiction)

Oblivion 3


Mark entered her room without knocking.
“Hello! I am not 7 years old anymore, knock before you come into my room, my rules…” she glared at him.
“Sorry to burst your bubbles, Princess. I had to coming after knocking and didn’t get a reply. I get that you tend to get lost in the other world when you are reading your books but you need to get a life, (spells it out)…LIFE…”Mark rattled on as Miklhi rolled her her eyes.
Smiling, he continued “Dad’s birthday is in a week, mom is out of the country, Martha is back from school in case you didn’t notice and she needs to make her hair, Dad and I need to eat…preferably that Egusi soup you always charm us with …” he ventured on as she gawked at him “Which are you going to do? Please choose one either you make her hair or you cook the soup while I do the pounding of the yam.”
Miklhi shook he head vigorously and pulled her duvet closer to her chin then kept on reading… Mark got irked and moved closer to her sneaking his hand over her to pick up her second pillow and hits her with it.
“Oh now you got me” she cried as she made a move to retaliate…which began a pillow fight between them both.
“When did you grow up” he teased while she giggled and ran out of the room… Dr. Martins met her on the way, “Finally! my daughter’s plane landed…” she rolled her eyes as she listened to the 15 minutes lecture of how to become a captivating wife who pays attention to every detail at home…
“Just like your mom…” he continued “ she is just so perfect…” she cut in “Ok dad…I will change. In fact, am on my way to make the soup…” she left thinking to herself “What wouldn’t I do to run away from those lectures?”
“Martha! Martha!!…” she called out as she climbed the stairs. Martha was just 13 but is the smartest kid ever; she was quiet and so intelligent. Her legendary prowess in Mathematics had earned her the nick Marthamatics. She had just concluded her junior secondary school education and now looking forward to be a senior student by the coming session.

Jamal Bankole was checking his wristwatch for the umpteenth time as he considered if leaving Mark, but he thought to himself that Mark is not the sort of person that wasted peoples time or the unpunctual type. So he waited… some five minutes later, Mark’s car pulled over beside him.
“I am so sorry man, I got tied up with my kid sister jare, she won’t even do anything in the house because she claims to be reading” mark explained.
Jamal laughed…”Oh, see what is she reading for SAT or CAMBRIDGE?”
Mark replied emphatically “NO ooo…its novel oo my guy…those books never seem to have finish In her hands.”

“Chai that’s something oo…” Jamal replied in disbelieve “So how has your SIWES been?” he asked “Well… it’s been enlightening…I got to really practiceand gather field experience…We are basically into Data processing and interpretation using various software …and you what’s up?”
“Hum…” Jamal started slowly “it’s a long story let’s find somewhere to sit and talk”. “Seriously?” he wondered what could be the matter but just simply replied “Jamal… please let’s go to my house, I am on kitchen duty. I asked my sister to boil the yam…and I should be home for pounding… “He explained “oh… alright, no problem…”Jamal said understandingly.
As Mark made his way to the car he turned to suggest “…you can even sleep over tonight…” but Jamal refused politely.


“Babe” Mikhail said to Martha “…when the oil is hot pour the rinsed locust beans and slice the onions in…I need to put yam on fire, mark would be here in a bit to start the pounding…”
“No na…”Martha replied grudgingly “I can’t do this oo…its freaking scary …” “Martha, I can’t come and cook for you in your husband’s house” she said with disgust as she moved towards the warming up pot on the gas cooker, trying to give an illustration “…this is simple just drain the water and pour …” she paused to look at Martha beside her but she was gone “Martha, you need a knock, you better return back here if you don’t want to keep moving around with that rough hair of yours“ she shouted angrily .
On getting to marks house they both met Dr. Martins at the door…”oh mark…thank God you are back just in time, the tigers are at it again…Martha and milks; over something about hair and working…” “Good evening sir…” Jamal cuts in with a bow of respect “oh Jamal … how are you? It’s been a long time since I last saw you…” “Yes sir…I returned from school last month…” Dr. Martins furthers the pleasantries “…how is your mother and brother?” “They are both doing well sir.” Dr. Martins faces his son again “…your mom called to say her flight will be landing at 7 pm… I want to go pick her up…God knows I have missed her.” Mark sends off his dad with a smile “run along dad… am sure she feels the same way.” As Dr. Martins drove out mark and Jamal stepped into the house.

To be continued tomorrow evening.

Question: What does Jamal have to tell Mark?

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