Oblivion (fiction)

Oblivion 2

Hiii friend! you have in your hands the long awaited next chapter of Oblivion…to read Oblivion 1 (click this link). https://lutomiokuns.wordpress.com/2015/04/14/oblivion-1/

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Miklhi sighed as she shut the living room door; fortunately, no one was in view as she went into the kitchen. Running a quick scan through the refrigerator, she picked up a can of her favorite drink; Malta Guiness. She had succeeded in converting her younger sister to the Malta team; she took a long swig at it “hummm…that tastes just like honey…” she thought.

“Hey Miks”, her big brother said as he strolled into the kitchen; “Hi babe…” she replied him as she smiled him “What’s up, and why are you home by this time?” She asked amused. “Well, guess what?” he teased “Never mind, you are a bad guesser…” he continued “I am home to plan dads birthday party…” his voice rang with so much enthusiasm.
She felt like she should hide or be excited; with mixed feelings she fired back
“erm…Mark, you left school to plan a party?…that’s great, I am so proud of you …” (Mark had once been the black sheep of the family who never came home at all and always got into trouble, yet in recent times, he had become a light to all. When asked about the change he talked of the encounter he had with Jesus.)

Mark said “First, he is my dad and secondly I am home for my SIWES programe should last 6months, so I think the timing is perfect.”
“Hmmm alright bro…you rock anyway…” she praised “so what did you bring for me?” she asked inquisitively “What is the birthday gonna be like, What are we going to wear and What colors should we include ?”.

Mark was so thrown off balance, he shouted in reply “whoa whoa woman… what’s going on here and am I to answer all of that alone ?” changes his language “shoo …na so you wan use question scatter person ?” Miklhi pouted “let’s start from the beginning…step into my room for a bit” said Mark as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

On their way up the stairs Miklhi kept doing a happy dance that she had learnt in a movie…”I have so much gist for you, bobo…” as she fondly called her brother . He was her everything, and she adored him.

“Here we are …”he said as they walked into the room ,she sat on his bed while he approached his bags from which he brought out a book; she rolled her eyes “wait for it…sis” he said with a smile she unwrapped it with a pout, her face began to light up with a wide grin when she discovered that she was holding a Special hard copy of the Handel’s Messiah. “yes!” she shouted “Hahaha, yes “ she jumped on Mark in what looked like a hug , her joy and giddiness intensified it…”I love you so much …”, she said.
“Calm down tigress…” he said as she giggled “I have to go out before 5pm …there are some old friends I need to meet with.”

“Alright …” she said scanning his reading tables intensely … then she noticed the picture of Martha, her younger sister and the rest of the family. How she loved her family … they were a tight bunch thanks to Mummy Martins whom always stressed right from their childhood that they may be rich but being rich can’t substitute or should never compete with their attention for each other.

She looked around as she heard her phone beep, PING! PING!! PING!!! From her only friend Motunrayo…she was called Momo mostly.
Momo: PING!!!
Miklhi: Hi bae..
Momo: Don’t call me that please, it means shit in Danish
Miklhi: Hehehe…it means bae to me
Momo: whatever…how far have you heard?
Miklhi: drama queen, heard what?
Momo : do you wanna know ? Do you really wanna know?
Miklhi: please don’t disturb me while I try to ignore you.

Momo was so precious and had the gift of becoming annoying in a jiffy…Miklhi picked up the book her brother just gave to her then sets it on her shelf of novels…she prided herself in the fact that next to her music books, her bible, 80% of her other books were but with her money.

The phone was still vibrating…
Momo: PING! PING!! PING!!!
{Milkhi shaking her head as she replies}
Milkhi: what is it my child?

Momo: hurrumph….child? Seriously?
Milkhi: I need to get you a husband, I guess it would keep you outta my life {evil laugh}
Momo: like you can survive without me…?
Milkhi: what was your initial reason for pinging … because I need my beauty sleep.
Momo:{feels insulted} I just wanted to play na… I missed you so much. When are you coming over to America? I could work a piggery for you to stay… {Tongue out}
Milkhi: That’s it … I am momorized already… get a shrink to treat you well… Bye love… I love you but am not in the mood for your naughtiness tonight.

She shuts her phone off before momo could reply…”momo will never change…“she thought to herself as she giggled .It felt good to know somebody actually missed her.


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