Fear Came to Visit..

wpid-fear.jpgI know Fear, it visits alot.

Last week, I was so anxious and worried about a certain uncertainty. Somewhere in the middle of this, I heard a knock on the door of my heart. It was Fear, yes, Fear came to visit and I let it in!

When Fear arrived, it made itself feel at home, as one on a beach chair sipping Chapman. It arrived with so much baggage that I couldn’t predict how long my visitor will be with me. To appreciate my effusive welcome after entertaining fear with my anxieties and worries, it gave me a bouqet with wild roses of breathtaking agony. This agony had a crippling effect on me, I couldn’t make upright decisions because I was just to scared of what could and couldn’t be.
A man once said “Fear is the sand in life’s machinery”, truly it is because this visit like the several others proved it so. It was so bad fear became a ruler whose authority I couldn’t challenge!

I got soaked up, messed up and fed up with fear’s mishandling and then, only then did I muster courage to ask the reign of the Prince of Peace in my heart.
The Prince accepted my invite and arrived with an overwhelming peace of what would be or wouldn’t be.

With this courage and my new found peace, I said no to Fear’s ruling and it had no choice but to pack up its luggage and leave. The Prince’s peace became my peace… Ephesians 2:14a.
Fear is gone!

So, of this I’m sure, some certain things will still be uncertain…worries and anxieties will arise.
Of this I am certain FEAR  is coming to visit again, the question is “Will I let it in?”

1John 4:18…Perfect love cast out fear…