Hi Jewel…I want to sincerely appreciate you for reading these hearticles of mine…pardon me for my inconsistency, i am really working on it. i started a story Oblivion in April and I am yet to complete it…please, i want you to know i am taking my time to write it…i’d rather its perfect because perfection is what you desrve.


join me on this journey in yo ancient times…

Hmmm… Hawwah woke up and stretched…she looked up at the horizon and by the look of the clouds, it was past 5pm. ‘Oh! Its past five’ facing her Husband she whined, ‘why didn’t you wake me up?’ she asked.

Adam said, ‘You that cherish your beauty sleep more than my company.’ She smiled ‘The beauty sleep is for you jor, to remain a delight unto you.’

ADAM, was the first definition of man, of course he was. Hawwah’s respect for him grew daily, he loved her so much.


Their marriage had been a paradox of time in fact time didn’t seem to exist as it seemed to both stop and yet continue whenever they were in the garden. It was a magnificent place…the only place she had ever known, it was her home; she felt lost in it yet found in its reality.


She stood up, remembering the first day they met, some call it Love at first sight, however to them it was simply the will of Olodumare that they be together.

She said ‘I am taking a walk into the Garden’… he asked if she was alright, yes she replied, ‘I need to stretched my legs and get a fruit or two to make dinner’…

‘Alright my lady, do as you wish’ her precious knight said.


And so she went, took a turn in the west direction and wondered what their dinner was to be. She had certainly had her fill of the vegetables and fruits in the garden. Eden had always been her haven…in fact she didn’t know other places existed save for where Olodumare dwelled till the cool of the day, when he came to be with them.


The weather was changing as there was a gradual move towards the cool of the day. She walked past her favorite fruit tree, it was the apple tree…she loved the way it fit into the hollow of her palm…she caressed a succulent green apple as she plucked it and placed it into her pocket. Moving on she approached the Berries section…Olodumare designed the garden with a skill of orderliness and it reflected in her Husband’s life, his livng was so orderly almost to a fault, imagine Adam liked berries the most because they were small in size and potable. Whenever he went to till the land he had them in his pockets and could just munch on at any given time…Her Adam was her jewel, everything.

Just as she took a tutrn towards the raspberry tree, she passed the middle of the Garden where a huge tree was plucked the needed raspberries and then made her turn towards their home.



Words Nd Meanings

Hawwah         (Hebrew name of Eve?

Jor                  emphasis

Olodumare     Yoruba name of God










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