Oblivion (fiction)

Oblivion 1

Mikhail Adeola Martins finished her violin practise at 5:58pm. Her tutor said she did better than the last time and gave her the next piece to practice before the next class. Waiting for the driver to pick her had never really been a great idea to her, but then again she couldnt argue with her mom who seemed determined to smother her all her life.


Her mom, Mrs. Kofoworola Martins was a jewel as she was the true meaning of the words loving and discipline. She never let her children off easily and always protected them as she felt they were in danger due to Dr.  Olabiyi Martins new position as the special adviser to the Governor of Ogun State. Mikli as she was fondly called by all had been warned from the age of ten to never have any relationship with the opposite sex that was more than a friendship at arms length till she was 21.

By the time she got to SS1, she had become an expert snob…she had several friends but never let it become a relationship matter. She once bought a romance novel her that she felt would be a good read. What began as an urge to satisfy her curiosity became her addition…And so the journey into understanding what happens between a man and a woman began but with the wrong manual.

It was a new world entirely to her…a world where “I love you” were the only words that mattered. Mills and Boons, Harlequin, Silhouette books e.t.c. became what she spent her allowance on…it was a beautiful place with pefect endings.

When love becomes an object,  it falls apart…Elizabeth Titus.


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