Six weeks before Ada clocked 18, she was a vivid picture of an anxious and eager child on the night of Christmas eve who couldn’t wait to unwrap her gift. The inly challenge here was that she had no gift to unwrap.

It all began at the Chinese museum when the latest Samsung 2014 note series was on exhibition. As always, Ada had a heart for setting her eyes on things beyond her reach…and so she got home that night, instead of the usual Father-Daughter chat time that had become their nightly ritual. The night was was a bouquet of tantrums, about the Samsung Note and the wonders it could to in keeping her connected to the world.

After six week of neither peace nor rest, her parents decided to surprise. Just after her birthday celebration, they presented the exact model of phone she had been craving.  It was a great delight as she had given up hope on ever getting the device.

The following weeks passed by to Ada in a flash however, but to her dad it wasn’t at all a flash. As their nightly ritual had suddenly become non-existent from hours to minuites and then seconds to even days of no talks at all. This continued till with Ada giving excuses about how she always had to be online with the world and remain updated…


When her dad had had his fill, he called her one night and said “You can’t be online with the world and offline with your Father, for the GIFT is not more important than the GIVER”.

Heart issues that are bothering the Father’s heart…Are you an Ada today?
Retrace your steps…

Don’t hesitate to pen your comments down…

12 thoughts on “The gift and It’s giver

  1. Hmmm!
    Permit me to check from the greatest book of all time. Deut. 8:11-15(check it out) . The blessing u can’t manage God may not release it,cos the giver values you(the relationship) more than the gift. Pls lord,help me to retrace ma step bk to u frm gift dat has taken ma time wif you.

  2. Modesola, this is great!
    I am so impress but not as much as blessed.
    I thank the Lord you are in this generation.
    And that you are my sister.

  3. Hmmmmm..Nice one here.I pray the lord help our Generation the more..This days Men will rather be on Twitter than follow up baba on the Happenings in heaven….Ohhh, What bothers Men now in our days is not really His Presence but His presents..Father pls change out View and send us A you Seeking Revival again..

  4. The Gift is greater than the giver. Ah God has used many means to teach me this. Even resorting to remove the gifts. Someone like me that is forming Bill gates with all kinds of mobile devices, it can really be a big challenge…and social media again. Red light always blinking. God sure has helped me sha. Loss of friends may be needed to put one back in line. The world can awaken certain loves that tries to contend with the Father’s love…but He helps and in the end He draws us. Thanks for this piece.

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