Let’s imagine this together,

An opportunity arose for you to dive into a swimming pool and get a bag of gold. You can only do this once!


You are standing on a board about to dive into the swimming pool to pick a bag of gold…this board has certain amount of springs designed to not just propel you into the pool but to make your diving more interesting and effective. I am sure because you really want to get the bag of gold once, you will be more calculating in every move and use this Springboard to your advantage…

Now think of where you are now, your present state, endeavour,  pursuit, career, academic phase as a springboard. No matter how well placed or not one is, it is curious to know that it is a springboard; Its just a stage before the next stage…well that’s mostly for those who have not given up.

It occurred to me that where I am is a launching  pad to my next destination. And this is so for you also.

You must look at your present circumstances and look for ways to play it around to your advantage. There’s a price to pay, there will always be prices to pay. Discover the price and Pay it.

Truth is it may not be convenient, in fact your present situation may not at all be favourable or incredibly satisfactory…its important that you do not forget the REALITY;  there is a next phase and truth be told this present stage is a launching pad…a spring board…

P.s. You are a victor and not a victim. Think like one!


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