A tale of friendship


The Night I met you,
The Choir Festival Night I met you, there was an attraction. The attraction!  What was it? Was it You? The Violin? The Tune?…

I believe it was the way You played that Tune on your Violin. I remained captured by the beauty of the music. From that moment, you got me. You went on to render a solo “The Trumpet Shall Sound”. What a blessing it was.

I remember your chase to get my number and me complaining  to my sister that you didn’t stalk me anymore since you got my number.

I remember our many 2go chats.  I remember the day you came visiting and we made you eat our home baked cakes.
I remember saying I liked this Ankara design.

The last time you visited I got some songs…I got to really love East to West by Casting Crowns, they rock…I now love them so well.

I recall so well our last few chats…They may not have been  pleasant but they are memorable. The news of your Death brought pain to my heart and tears to my eyes…

Death is only a passage I keep saying…I do hope you are doing what you do best with the heavenly hosts; joining the Orchestra with you violin.

I will not forget your smile, voice and your kindness.
Words cannot capture this friendship, Olowoyeye Oluwadamilare Emmanuel, this is only a tale of our short and meaningful Friendship.

Till we meet again, of course, In Heaven!

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  • Ifeoluwatobi

    I don’t know you but I see something in you,Surely HE has a reason for this,Its just that he is unquestionable,This is beyond us. Brother,rest in the master’s bossom,keep worshipping with the angels.

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