As a dear friend of mine clocks a new year…I am so glad for him…unfortunately I have not much, should I just go ahead and rob a bank…that may do trick.

I am not as happy as I should be. Ifeoluwa is actually a jewel…I dont mind making him my charm bracelet…♥♡♥♡

I surely do wish him well…peeps would have prayed lots for  him am sure, yet of this am sure…I havent made him smile…now I feel like crying.

Oluwatobi is and  will indeed be a testimony that God is so unquantifiable and immeasurable.

Ifeoluwatobi is a beautiful expression of Ephesians 3:18…I really do pray my friend grows deep…like a tree planted by rivers of water and by so he may reach out bearing abiding fruits…

I AM THINKING…LIKE THINKING of ways to make this his day memorable and an idea just popped into my head…call it ranting, rambling or musing…hehehe

Its my dear one’s birthday…

Happy birthday Broda mi
Happy birthday Ifeoluwa Oluwatobi Babawale.

4 thoughts on “Ifeoluwatobi…

  1. you marking another wonderful year on earth yesterday,

    you stroll into this wonderful world putting smile on peoples face. today marks another journey into another year, celebarate in good health, go forth and break bond, in all that you lay hands on you shall receive favour from God and man.
    happy birthday to you ifeoluwa………

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