Another Kind of Love

I Was asked a major question,  ‘What does God’s love for me make me think of?’
Sincerely,  I couldn’t instantly come up with anything…majorly because I had never really given much thought to God’s kind of love for me.

So I decided to give this issue much thought. While nature and all created tell about God’s creativity…The Human mind, structure,  dna and function show his vast intelligence. A lot tell about God but His love for me is way beyond my comprehension.

I came to a conclusion that there is this song that captures my heart “To Love You Back” by Jamie Grace…(click here to download To love you back). The expression of her heart is so sincere…

When I think of God, I want to bask in this reality; He has given me from now till eternity the privilege to Love Him Back.

The lyrics of this song is so captivating and I really trust God bless it in your heart. So listen, meditate and enjoy.

Please share what the love of God makes you think of…feel free to relate it however suits you.
Your comments matter!
You are important to me!

Its all about Jesus

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