Heart’s Stirring

It’s more like a pull,
Certain! in a direction.
A call that can not be ignored,
Because it never leaves;
It’s always there, deep down.
The origin seems unknown,
But, Is it, really?

Perhaps it just a longing;
Nostalgic at that!
A focused study will unveil the identity of this feeling or whatever it is.
Whatever this is, definitely is by Divine Design.

At the very core of man’s existence,
Lies his yearn for something more;
Cries  his nature’s Call to worship.
Immaculately there by Default.

Do you recognise this pull, longing?
That seems rather insatiable…
‘Isn’t it?’ You might ask,
‘No’, I’d say because the Creator who included it in your blueprint,
Defintely made provision for it.

The deep calling is one each man must realise is not null or dull,
It’s vibrant, so real, so true.
This is the Heart’s Stirring…
The Heart’s longing to worship THE ONE TRUE GOD.

Its all about Jesus


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