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June 25th, 2014.

Dear Diary,

As Bro Goke and I exchanged our farewells after the ceremony,  I sat in  the Tricycle (keke napep). After settling in, this guy gave me a red  booklet (on Forgiveness). Never knew him before…I told him the book looked familiar as I realized I had some hours ago seen it at the Bible Wonderland Bookstore. He said that was where he had bought it and asked if I saw him there, to which I replied a no.
To continue the conversation 
I asked ‘Do you read novels?’
‘No’, he said ‘ I am a scientist’…I replied ‘ I’m a scientist’
He pressed on ‘ I’m  in the Health’s line’.
I guess to prove a point that Scientist can read novels I said I am in the Earth’s line. (Not about the victory though)…
I happened to remember a good book I had read and told him to try getting it… ( To Know Him by Gloria Copeland). He said he’d try to however his job’s nature didnt permit enough time to read as he would love. So I asked about the Health’s line he spoke about earlier…With no air of arrogance,  he told me he studied Biomedical Engineering at the Nigerian Defence Academy but had left the military. And intends to further his education later this year. I really appreciated his spirit.
Around this time, the tricycle got to Magodo gate and I had to alight. After wishing him the best in his endeavours. I didn’t mention  earlier that he was the tricycle’s driver, perhaps, thats why I appreciated his spirit more.

I am challenged about my evangelism life because I realise that JESUS CHRIST is my only message…if by any means, am passing on anything other than Jesus…am misplaced in my priorities!!!

Dedicated to Him (actually never got to exchange names) and the the Honest people who live.


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