The Young Man Called Pops

So, I was thinking…there is nothing like having a young man in your life, and am all the more blessed to have him in my life. Before I get all teary eyed, I will get to the point. I have never really liked the nicky “popsy”, it just didnt sound personal enough to me. Somewhere along the line, I discovered ‘Pops’ and never let it go.

About the young man called Pops, it shouldnt shock you to know that he is my father. By father, I mean he understands his role as the first man in my life. And takes that role seriously. For more than two decades I have known him. One thing is obvious;  He only gets better.


A lot makes  this our Father-Daughter relationship peculiar. He taught me to be a daughter first by being my Father. By this, I can relate and respond to my Heavenly Father as His beloved daughter.

1.  Pops is passionate about God. Since I was a toddler,  he has been calling Him Almighty Father. And has brought us up to see God as our Father, not a Grandpa.

2. Pops never gives up on any child especially in the Prayer Place. I remember wen I was younger and had some issues, he would always guard and pray for siblings and me.

3.  Pops is a provider, his role as the breadwinner probably does justice to this however, he recognizes God as the sole provider of the family.This helps to see God as my provider and helper.

4. Pops can discipline,  my bible says the Child the Father loves, he discipline. “A good beating”, I do remember those times ( naughty me), God never fails to discipline his beloved.

5. Pops gives Wings to Fly…He would say to me, ‘Tomilola,  you don’t have an average brain’ and would go ahead to make us succeed.

6. Pops is not Perfect, he is human and would always point us to the Greatest Father, who is not human but very Perfect.

Perhaps you have never really had a stable or helpful earthly father, God is stable, helpful and also merciful.  Its actually not yet late to have him as your Father. And if yours has always been rosy i.e. your relationship with your father, can I tell you still that it is just a guide into the real Father-Child relationship that awaits you.

Do you have children or planning on birthing some. You must realize your place in their lives and work towards them knowing God. This may sound funny but I believe I owe my children a Young man they can call Pops.


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